Marvel Heroes Fast Credits and Leveling Vendors Guide

Marvel Heroes Fast Credits and Leveling Vendors Guide by Dookienukem

Update 5: Leveling Vendors.
Farm Credits then Buy their Med Kit and you sell it back to them. This method is tedius.

2,000 Xp for a full inventory and costs 10,000 Credits. My Gear Vendor is currently at Rank 9, It will take 27,100 Xp for Rank 10.

27,100/2000 = 13.55 This is how many times you need to fill your inventory with Med Kit for Rank 10.

13.55 x 10,000 = 135,500 This is how much Credits Rank 10 will cost.

In 1.13 a change was made to the Treasure chest and Yellow Mobs to only drop 1 pile of Credits. Credits/H looks to be unaffected.

Update 4: 1.11 post patch farming spots

Treasure Rooms. These 2 are my preferred spots.

15k/10min Video with credit Gear, 3k/10min without.

12k/10min with credit Gear.

Edit: Anything I picked up were not Vendored for more credits.

Update 2: How to Reset the instance when you dont kill the boss.

  • Making a Party and you leaving the party.
  • Turning on Auto Group in Gameplay Options then joining Green Dailies, Story Mode waypoint Boss instances eg. Hood, when you find a group you Leave Party.
  • If you have a friend you can party then Leave Party.
  • If your PC can handle this Create a 2nd account just for you to party with, Run Marvel in Steam, 2nd Marvel on BitRaider.

Update 3: Somewhat easy way to use the crafter when Making Potions.

Crafting for the lazy and I craft a lot of Potions so this is handy to me.

Talk to Crafter.
Press T Roster will hide your Crafter inventory and will shuffle your Crafter in the middle of the screen.
Pressing I inventory hides your inventory and shuffling your Crafter to the Left Side of your screen.
Pressing “I” again will open inventory.

I do this if I have Elements in my inventory, add the required Elements to the Crafter, Press “I” my inventory hides and I don’t have to click very far to craft. Then I press “I” again my inventory appears, add my mats and craft some more.

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