Forge Warden Basic Guide

Forge Warden Basic Guide by Fauxie

Archetype: Tank
Damage: Physical

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The Warden, though distasteful of the act, slashes their enemy with their axe doing a moderate amount of injury.

Energy Gain: 20
Damage: 60
Range: 4M
Effect: Applies a 6% outgoing damage/healing reduction for 5 sec. This can never take you to 0 damage/healing because its always takes away 6% of whats left out of your damage multiplier.

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The Warden is granted a stack of Vengeance for each enemy hit within melee range. These stacks grant 5% increased damage, and are used for Protect Allies and Raise Morale to increase their effectiveness. Stacks last for 30 seconds, maximum of 30 stacks.

Energy Cost: 10
Cooldown Time: 5s
Range: 4M

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Shield Storm

The Warden raises their shield and begins to charge while spinning. Any enemy struck during this spinning charge is knocked backwards.

Energy Cost: 30
Cooldown Timer: 15s
Damage: 50
Range: 4M

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Charging Leap

The Warden leaps to an enemy, bashing them with their shield and slowing them for a short period of time. Using this ability on an ally frees them from stuns and pins.

Energy Cost: 10
Cooldown Time: 10s
Range: 20M

Note: Has no LOS requirement.

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The Warden slams their shield into the ground, causing a shockwave to race towards enemies in front of them, stunning those caught in the blast.

Energy Cost: 20
Cooldown Time: 10s
Damage: 80
Range: 10M

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Raise Morale

The Warden shouts, granting all allies within range increased speed, and increased damage per stack of Vengeance. The more stacks of Vengeance the Warden has on them during the buff duration, the more potent the effects.

Energy Cost: 6/s
Range: 15M

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Protect Allies

The Warden raises their shield in honor of the gods, granting them and their allies protection and increased health, causing each to take very little damage for a period of time. The more stacks of Vengeance the Warden has during the buff duration, the more potent the effects.

Energy Cost: 6/s
Range: 15M

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Stand Ground

The Warden focuses, becoming immovable and nearly invulnerable behind their great shield for a period of time. Any attack on the Warden while under the effect of Stand Ground causes the attacking enemy to have their abilities locked out for 3s.

Energy Cost: 10
Casting Time: 5s
Cooldown Time: 15s

Note: Grants Determination on usage

Base Values:
Health: 1000
Energy: 100
Determination: 80

Physical — 950 (49%)
Nature –525 (34%)
Spiritual  –525 (34%)
Magic   –525 (34%)

255uu/s, 5.1m/s
Sprint multiplier of 35%

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