Age of Wushu Random and Miracle Encounters Guide

Age of Wushu Random and Miracle Encounters Guide by swampdog

What is the difference?

Random encounters are side missions you can take from NPCs by raising your reputation with them. There are lots of these and they are available on several maps. Miracle Encounters are when an NPC with a red lantern over their head approaches you and gives you a gift, offers you a quest, or offers to sell you something.

How do I do Random Encounters?

Press L. Click the Recommended tab. Some of the missions will be titled ‘Gratitude or Resentment’. These are random encounter quests. You must go to the NPC with the quest and raise your reputation (by gifting them things, or preforming activities they like nearby). They will then offer you the quest, which will reward random items upon completion. Typical rewards from a random encounter are crafting books, herbs, or pills.

You can also do Random Encounter quests that start with an item (like the Common Bracelet). These items usually, but not always, have co-ordinates or mention names for who should receive the item to start the quest.

How do I do Miracle Encounters?

These are harder. You will be approached, often mid combat, by an NPC with a red lantern over his head. You have 30 seconds to talk to the NPC. So far GTC has identified three types of miracle encounter:

* Gifting – the NPC will give you something. When you are gifted something in a miracle encounter it will be UNBOUND, meaning you can sell or trade it.
* Selling – the NPC will offer to sell you something, perhaps a flying skill, for varying amounts of unbound liang. Note that the item will be BOUND – so if you get the option to purchase goosestep, be aware that only you can read it.
* Quest – the NPC will offer you a quest. The reward will be a higher level encounter box that contains a life skill item like a loom, or a martial box that contains skills. These rewards appear to be UNBOUND and can be sold or traded.

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