Waren Story New Player’s Basic Tips Guide

Waren Story New Player’s Basic Tips Guide by blackdeath101

So I see a lot of people are unfamiliar with 12sky-like gamestyle with a heavy PvP focus and a slow PvE grind. I’m making this thread for experienced players to post up their tips to the newer player so they can have a smoother gameplay which will lead to more PvP (hooray!). I will edit this post with the tips posted, and please refrain from random spam.


  • Be prepared for a slow PvE grind. It will only get slower the higher you go up, but you get out what you put in.
  • Leveling focus: War>Quest>Grind
    ***Wars give the best XP by far and will severely buffer the remaining XP when you run out of quests, reducing the chances of having to grind monster. (more info under Wars)
  • When you run out of quests and there is no war, you are left with 2 main options, aside from sitting in town. #1 – Grind mobs/bosses your level or 1 higher to upgrade your gear and easy kills, but lower XP. #2 – Grind mobs a few levels higher than you (more than 10 yields no XP and the higher you go, the more potions you need and you will miss more.
  • For those who use XP potions, don’t waste them. If you start a 60 minute potion, grind out the whole thing on higher level mobs for the full benefit. It may require grinding a few bosses/wars to stash the money, but it will be worth it. Once the potion is over, return to wars/quests and you shouldn’t have to grind the last few % without quests for a couple of levels at least.


  • As mentioned previously and for further emphasis, Wars are the best way to supplement XP. So take advantage of them when they pop unless you are maybe on a XP potion or you can’t stay until the completion of the war.
  • Wars occur every hour, alternating Annihilation (PvE) and Regular War (PvP – different map set-ups). For information on other wars, click here.
  • All wars are bracketed by 11-20, 21-30, etc. So if you go in at a lower end of the level scale, don’t be discouraged if you can’t keep up with the people on the higher end of the level scale. (I attended 11-20 war on a level 20 and level 11’s were hitting me 1’s)
  • Annihilation wars take place on even hours and Regular wars take place on odd hours.
  • Annihilation is done similar to 9-tier Pagoda for those that played 12sky1 or 2. There are levels that increase in level increments of 5 (EX: 10, 15, 20). Players must work together in order to defeat the Commander within 15 minutes. The HP of the Commander and the # of sub-monsters spawned is based on the # of players attending the war (higher HP and more monsters with more players). Typically the best strategy is to kill the sub-monsters first as they are the easiest to kill. Then depending on the hp of the Commander, either kill his Sub-Commanders or go directly for him. Be warned, unless you are on the higher end of the level scale, you will typically not be able to stand in the middle and take a lot of hits. Kite if you have to when potions are on cooldown because you will not gain rewards if you are dead. There are XP/gold/honor rewards for each stage with the big big bonus for completing the last stage (40-60% for level 40+).
  • Regular war is the PvP war. Teams are randomly assorted as people join the game, meaning you may be teaming with friends for 1 war, and then face against them in the next Regular war. The winning team at the end of the 15 minutes is the one with the most points. 1 per player kill and 10 points for killing enemy guard towers (# of towers spawned is based off the random map chosen, typically 2-4 per game). The biggest factors in group PvP is communication and teamwork. For example, a properly organized group of 45’s can defeat a disorganized group of 50’s with ease. Work with your teammates! Range, be prepared to kite when necessary. Melee, be prepared to go tanky to help the range get the kills. Attack the same targets, stay in a group, don’t chase unless you are sure you can get the kill andsurvive. Everytime you die, you are helping the other team. XP/Gold/Honor is given at the end of the 15 minutes, with extra honor tokens (1 honor per use) given to the top 3 players with the most kills between both teams.
  • Warriors and Brawlers – Make use of your defensive skill(s).
  • Archers and Gunners – Make use of your kiting ability.
  • Gunners – buff pl0x.

General Gameplay:

  • To quick whisper someone, open chat and shift left click their name.
  • To add someone to friend/party/guild or trade/duel, stand next to them, shift left click their character, and choose the appropriate option.
  • Join a guild and help each other out to provide a more fun gaming experience.
  • Makes friends of different classes around your level so you can trade gears if you find someone they can use and vice versa.
  • Makes friends with higher levels of the same class for help on skills, gear, etc. They even may have old gear to give/sell or recommend leveling spots.
  • PLVL pl0X or FREEE ITEMSX PLASEE is not an appropriate way to ask for something, especially since there is no way to powerlevel in this game and begging will lead to people ignoring you.
  • Boss farming can be a good way to make some cash outside of wars. They provide okay experience, but they drops gold, high-value npc-able items, items, and upgrade materials. Always kill the mini monsters first, and then the big boss because the minis will die in a few hits whereas the boss will take awhile, with anywhere from 5-60k+ hp depending on the level and location.
  • There are several debuffs in this game, and I will cover the ones that I know what they do.
    #1 – Tolerance – renders the player unable to use potions for a set period of time.
    #2 – Oblivion – renders the player unable to use skills for a set period of time.
    #3 – Stun – renders the player unable to do anything for a set period of time.
    #4 – Bind – reduces movement speed for a set period of time.
    #5 – Collapse – reduces enemies defense for a set period of time. Removed Warrior/Brawler defensive buffs.
    #6 – Stiff – reduces evasion for a set period of time.
    #7 – Blind – reduces the player’s accuracy for a set period of time.
    #8 – Fatigue – lower enemy attack damage for a set period of time.
    #9 – Panic – reduce player’s SP over a set period of time.
    #10 – Bleed – damage over time
    #11 – Burn – damage over time
  • Learn to use your speed ability. Make friends with using it with the CTRL key for easier access. It will make traveling, kiting, and charging so much more efficient. You can even use it with your horse for an even bigger speed boost!
  • Mercenaries and Faes are your friends, even if they are a money sink and very slow to level. Faes will give you a passive bonus and grow as you grow. Mercenaries are an additional damage boost as well as a damage absorption as monsters will alternate between hitting you and your mercs, reducing the amount of direct damage you take, but increasing the difficulty for having to watch up to 5 HP bars at once.
  • To heal a merc, place potions on the side bar for Alt+1 through 4, for the appropriate slot the mercenary is in. Their potions are on cooldown as well, so timing is imperative for high damage fights.
  • For Closed Beta, all characters started at level 31 start with a mount. Press V to see the stats of it and press Z to mount/dismount it. Once the mount is gone, you can purchase a new one from the horse master. When summoning a mount, it costs 1 feed. Purchase additional feed from the horse master for 60 pieces for 1,200 gold. Press V to see how much feed you have left.
  • Clicking on the mini-map will let you auto-move to your destination. Dashing on a mount is a lot quicker, but if you need to do something briefly, it gets the job done. Just remember dungeon mobs will be hitting you a lot the further in you go.


  • To change your resolution, click Display on the Waren Story launcher.
  • Users have reported Akami as causing in-game lag issues. If you are having lag, either disable Akami’s upload feature or uninstall it to help.


  • A lot of people are having issues with trading and moving gold, so I created this section to explain the process for that. This works for buying, selling (taking gold from trade window), and moving money in and out of safe.
    1. Click the gold icon next to where the money is coming from.
    2. Type in amount to move.
    3. Click Ok and HOLD the mouse button.
    4. Drag and drop to where you are moving the money to.

If you have a tip that is not on here and you believe will help future players, post it up! The only way to make this game a good one is to build the community.

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