Totem Basic Guide

Totem Basic Guide by Caliburn

Learning how to play Totem is simple. Mastering the strategy? Well, that’s another matter! In Totem, you are the Hero, summoning your units to do your bidding. There are deeply strategic elements to Totem, including unit customization, crafting, and upgrading, but before we begin to run, let’s get the basics down to get you prepared for battle.

I. How to Summon your Units
To summon your units during a battle, click on the portrait of the unit. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts 1-5 to summon the corresponding unit.

II. What’s Gold?
At the start of every battle, you begin with a certain amount of Gold. Summoning units costs Gold, and you naturally replenish Gold over time. Other activities will increase your Gold at a quicker rate, such as killing enemy units or securing the power of Totem (don’t worry, we’ll get back to that later).

Each unit costs a different amount of Gold to summon. The general rule of thumb is that the more valuable the unit, the more Gold it will cost. This isn’t always true with certain strategies, but for basic purposes, it’s a decent rule of thumb. Keep an eye on your gold here:

III. I’m clicking on my unit…but it won’t work!
Well, that could be one of two things.
1: You may not have enough gold.
2: You may need to wait until the summoning cooldown period is over.

In the picture above, notice how the 2nd unit looks different from the others with the gray overlay? That means that I have used my amazing godly powers to summon that unit. You know, sometimes, even Heroes have limitations. Before I can summon this type of unit again, I must wait until the cooldown period has completed before this particular unit will be ready to summon again. Each unit’s cooldown period varies as well, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the unit (similar to how the gold cost will vary).

IV. How do I move my screen? I can’t see my units anymore!
Often times, you may need to scroll left and right on the battlefield. Sometimes, you want to go backwards to check in on your base, or see how far away your reinforcements are. To do so, simply use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. If you prefer to use your mouse, move your camera left or right simply by hovering your mouse over the << or >> buttons that appear on the edges of the screen. Either way, you’ll be able to scroll through the entire battlefield in a snap.

V. Spells, and why they are so awesome.
During your battle, you’ll be able to help your units out with your Spells. Spells can only be used a limited number of times per battle, so use them wisely! When the time comes, you can either click on the spell you want to activate, or you can use the keyboard shortcuts Q and E. Similar to summoning units, Spells also have a cooldown timer, so do keep that in mind.

Spells can range from AOE magic attacks that ignore magic defense, to debuffs on enemy units, to buffs that increase Attack, Magic Attack, Accuracy, or even Movement Speed! There’s tons of Spells, but you’ll need to level up to unlock them all.

VI. The power of the Battle Totem
Okay, here’s the thing. You’re going to want to get to the center of the battlefield, and you’re going to want to get there quick. That’s where the Battle Totem is!

The easiest way to get the power of the Battle Totem is to be the first one there, then make sure you hold your ground! Whichever team gets the center Battle Totem first and holds it will then have the power of the Totem! You will naturally gain Gold quicker over time, which allows you to summon more Units quickly and overpower your enemy! In addition, you get random automatic buffs or debuffs on your enemy! The power of the Battle Totem gives you a great edge in battle, but don’t get too confident… I’ve seen some epic battles where the power of Totem was secured…then lost…then secured…then lost. Rinse and repeat. Strategy is key, but that’s another matter!

Well, Summoner. You now have all the basics to get started in a fierce Totem battle. Put these skills to good use! Let us know if this helps you out. By the way, if you figure out some awesome tricks of your own, be sure to share them!

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