The Hobbit: KoM Combat Guide

The Hobbit: KoM Combat Guide by Gargoth

Troop Unit Levels and Efficacy:

There are three tiers of combat Units, organized by attack power. (These are indicated by gold stars below the graphic for each Unit type.)

[A = Attack, M = Might]

T1 – * (Porters [A:0;M:1], Mounts [A:1;M:4], Militia [A:1;M:4], Ranged [A:1;M:4])

T2 – ** (Supply Carts [A:0;M:0], Adv. Mounts [A:2;M:16], Warriors [A:2;M:16], Siege Weapon [A:2;M:16])

T3 – *** (Supply Wagons [A:0;M:0], Heavy Mounts [A:4;M:24], Battering Ram [A:4;M:24], Catapult [A:4;M:24])

Obviously, Tier level determines combat efficacy in regards to Attack and Life. Leveling your Hero will provide bonuses, as will Runes.

>>During Wartime<< Alliance Chat is for combat coordination ONLY. There is to be no discussion of resources, how your day was, etc. (We now have a forum where are general communication can be carried out during Alliance Combat. Hide/Unhide Troops: (Select Keep – – > Overview – – > Hide All Troops (On/Off))

Have all troops hidden unless you are actively watching for incoming attacks or you are currently defending an incoming attack.

Methods by which you can test your foes (or your foes can test you):

Wall Test – Your foe may attack you with a cart; obviously this is not a viable attack, however your foe may use this method to determine whether or not your Troops are hidden and gauge your Wall Defenses.

Without Wall Troops, your enemy will take gold and resources over Vault Limit.

Keep your wall fortified with 100 of each type of Wall Defense Unit to stop sneak attacks. (If your troops are not hidden, however, you will simply meet your foe in combat.)

In this case, your best Hero should be out in front, in the Training position.

Hero Lvl adds aid (buffs and boosts) to your troop units. (+HeroLvl%) (Heroes can be found, adjusted and assigned in your Great Hall.)

Always set your Hero before Un-hiding your Troops.

One way to offset attack and take your enemy by surprise:

I.) Move most of your army to a nearby Wilds you control, allowing only a small contingent to meet their troops, (or carts/wagons in the event of a Wall Test)

– This will result in the enemy receiving a false report, and they will think you have significantly less forces at your disposal than you actually do.


You can then recall your army, assign your Hero, your enemy will send a small army and you will demolish them.

Be sure to pay heed to incoming enemy reports. If they are close they could arrive between 30s and 10m. With Mithril it will be instant.
(Farsight is a PRIORITY as far as research is concerned.)

Defending player chooses their move first. Remember, troops hit according to tier level, T1 engaging first.

If an enemy attacks you, BE SURE TO GET THEIR COORDINATES so that we, as an Alliance, can retaliate. Reports and standings leave a trail you can follow.

Make sure you are hitting with a “Meat Shield” – in other words, throw out large amounts of T1s to take the brunt of the enemy attack, then your T2s and T3s (which take much longer to regenerate) only add to the attack bonus, in a heavy way.

IF YOU ARE ATTACKED: Do not sent messages to the Alliance, do not jump in chat and panic. All we want to know is:

Attack or Wall Test?
Time Before Enemy Arrives?
Incoming Hero Lvl?
Incoming Might?
Your Hero Commander’s Level?

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