Rise of Europe Campaign Battles Guide

Rise of Europe Campaign Battles Guide by Seonnyn

As i saw a lot of people asking in the Chat about Military Orders and Stuff in the Battles I will try to figure these things out and give a short Information Thread about Playing Campaign Battles and what it gives you, what it needs and what it’s benefits are. All given Infos are for the Closed Beta and can vary but I will try to keep it up to date.

* How do I get to the Campaign Battles?

To get Started with Campaign Battles just click the Icon in the in your Action-Bar
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After that the Campaign Map opens with all available Battles.

* What are the Flags saying?

On the Battle Map you will see different Types of Flags.
1. Not yet available

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This Sign signalizes you, that you can’t yet do this Battle. You need to do all Battles that are in front of this.

2. Available, but not yet resolved

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This Sign signalizes you, that this is the next Battle you need for your Progress. After resolving this Battle you will get the next one unlocked.

3. Resolved

Name:  Bildschirmfoto 2012-08-24 um 10.59.01.jpg Views: 1155 Size:  2.4 KBName:  two_stars.png Views: 1217 Size:  10.6 KBName:  three_stars.png Views: 1218 Size:  15.7 KB
If there is one or more stars above the Sign, you resolved the Battle. One Star shows, that you resolved it in Normal – Mode, Two Stars are showing, that you resolved the Battle in Difficult Mode and 3 Stars and a greater Sign are showing that you have resolved the Battle in “Hell” Mode.

Now here comes the question… What are the differences between these different modes and why should I do something else than normal?

* The different battle difficulties

How do I get the next difficulties unlocked? For unlocking the next difficulty you need to win the battle in the difficult-level before. So for example to unlock hell mode you need to win in difficult mode.

What are the differences between the modes? You just need the Normal Mode to unlock the next battle. In Normal you have a soldier recovery rate of 100 %, that means every lost soldier will be recovered after battle. Also Normal has the lowest enemy battle strength. Difficult battles have around the twice battle strength of normal battles. They also have just a recovery rate of 90 %, so you will lose 10 % of your lost soldiers in these battles. But of course your heros will get more XP (double of Normal) and you will get twice the military merit as you would get in Normal mode. You also have a small chance, that you gain a gold card after a won battle which will grant you some gold coins. Hell Mode doubles the battle strength, the hero XP and the military merit from the difficult mode. And you have a higher chance of getting a gold coin card after you won a battle.

* Can I get advices about the upcoming battle?

You can look whether the next (or last or whatever) battle was solved by another players and you can see who were the last players beating the level, in which mode they have beaten it and what army they used. To see this simply click the Icon on top of the battle overview. You also see who the first persons were to beat that level.
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* What do I need to participate in the battles?

For each battle you need at least one Military Order left and of course a formation with heros, that are all idle.

* Where can I see how many Military Orders I have left?

You see the amount of your Military Orders in the top right corner of your Battle Map.
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* What happens, when I don’t have any Military Orders left?

You won’t be able to participate in any Campaign battle that day.

* How can I get new Military Orders?

You get 20 Military Orders each day. Another Way to get these isn’t there.

* What benefits I have of doing more Battles to get further in Campaign-Progress?

You get Chests with different things after every few battles. Great advantages are for example the Title – Medals with which you get new options for building your formations (and you can deploy more heros)

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