Modern War Strong Against Analysis and Suggestions Guide

Modern War Strong Against Analysis and Suggestions Guide by digitalwalker

Hi, all, the motivation of this post is based on some information I gained, and hence I thought it might be good to post my thought regards how one should composite theirs troops.

For those of you not interested in the mathematical part, simply skip to the end, read the conclusion.

Fundamental information:

1): each level have parameters called pvp_attack(defense)_scale,
which = 1+0.09*level
So one has 2.26 in level 14, 5.05 in level 45, and I suspect this value controls the maximum number of units lost per fight

2): “strong against type A” means 0.25 diminish when fight with type A unit
Suppose you have a strong against sea unit has attack 80, defense 9. Once you fight with a normal sea unit
with stats 10 attack, 100 defense. By conventional calculation, you shouldn’t stand a chance when both
attacking or defending, however if take “strong against” into account, you would get:
If you attack him,the actual stats becomes:
your unit: 80 attack (unchanged)
his unit: 100*(1-0.25)=75 defense
80>75 you win
If you are attacked, then the actual stats becomes
Your unit: 9 defense, unchanged
His unit: 10*(1-0.25)=7.5 attack
9>7.5 you win

so, in words, “strong against” unit does NOT boost your unit stats when fighting, but diminish your opponents stats.

Ok, the above example is for single unit fight which is not much the case we facing, so in order to calculate what are the impacts of “strong against” on each multi units fight, we need to understand the mechanism of multi units battle. As far as I can list, there are two possible kinds of mechanism(the other kinds can be generalized within this two):

1) unit picking mechanism: eg. pick one unit from your troop, either random or the strongest or else, pick one from your opponents troop, then compare theirs stats( if attack, then is your attack stat vs his defense stat), by deducting the weaker stat, the stronger unit side pause unit picking on next round, and compare with the 2nd round picked unit and so on so forth, until all the units been picked, the left over units side win. Of course there is a multiply of casualty rate in each unit picking action.

This mechanism requires a big processing power which I don’t think funzio runs in this way, if it does, then comes to one useful conclusion:

Due to each unit picking, apart from calculate stats, also calculated the casualty rate, which means you don’t wanna your strong unit die when it only fought one time, so you want a Strong unit with Low Casualty, and lower Casualty rate among strong units may benefit much more than you think.

2) Addition mechanism: which basically adds up all the units stats. And by multiply and division to add “buffs” like country 10% bounds, attack/defense points, and also the”strong against” factor. So, let’s only take strong against factor into account and calculate the math:

Your stats are unaffected by “strong against” type units when fighting.

Eg. Your opponents defense= (sum of opponents sea units defense value)*[1 – (your”strong against sea” units number * 0.25)/( opponents sea units number )]

A bit of analysis, we can found, the ratio of your “strong against sea” number of units and your opponents number of sea units plays the most important part. And when your “strong against sea” units number is 4 times more than your opponents number of sea units, you basically see his sea troops as 0 defense!!AMAZING! ( I suspect there is an off set here )


1) “strong against” does NOT boost your stats, but diminish your opponents stats
2) “strong against” units, quantity is MORE IMPORTANT than quality.

I would suggest, buy 10%-30% very strong low Casualty rate units, not necessary be “strong against”. And the rest 70%-90% troops arm with cheap “strong against” units, all types, and buy more infantry if you are Chinese ,etc.

P.S. thanks RamShutu who pointed out the 0.25 factor of strong against actually mean, refer to my last thread.

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