MechWarrior Online Alphine Map Tips

MechWarrior Online Alphine Map Tips by Orgasmo

Just finished playing a few rounds on the new map released today. It really is different from the rest in terms of scale and pace. The first two drops on the map were disasters for our 4 man, due to poor positioning and unfamiliarity with the terrain. On the third drop we had more success, learning from the previous mistakes. While we still lost the third round, we stomped the other team without taking a loss. One of the lights on their team broke off from their main group and went to cap, and we weren’t able to get back in time after wiping out their main group. Anyways, I will provide some tips based on my experience with Alpine:

– Long range snipers and LRM boats really shines on this map. There are tons of open areas for long distance engagement. If you don’t have long range builds on your team, you are going to get your *** handed to you on a plate, period.

– Lights are also a must, given the size of the map. It is easily three times as large as previous maps. Having lights on the team ensures you can spot the enemy early, and enables your team to take up better positions in advance. In addition, you need lights to drive enemy lights off of your base, as other weight classes simply do not have the speed to do so.[

– If possible, travel on high grounds. There are some pretty steep hills that prevents the enemies from shooting back below. Hills are your only cover in this map.

– If you are in a brawler without long range weapons, you are not completely useless, but you must exercise a greater degree of caution. I suggest bringing mediums for brawling as they can cover distance much faster than heavies and assaults, vital when crossing open ground. Move from cover to cover and do not allow yourself to be exposed for long.

– Base capping is much more common than other maps, and you should keep that in mind when you move out of defence range of your base.

– The map is great of high heat builds due to low temperature, but you should still keep an eye out for heat.

Feel free to share yours.

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