Legend Warrior Upgrading Skills Guide

Legend Warrior Upgrading Skills Guide by qijiehong

How to upgrade your skill to good(green) or Superior(blue)


To upgrade your Skill to Good(green)
First you have to Boost your Character. One of the 3 Attribute (ATP, DEF, SPO) has to be at good(green), too
After this you can upgrade your Skills to Good(green)
boost green.png

Now the Main question is, how to upgrade your Skill to Superior(blue)

Is the Same as Good One, You need to Boost one of the Attribute to Superior(blue one) and the ther two have to be at Good(green) at Least
boost blue.png

Now a lot of ppl still asking, I have already one Attribute at Blue, but i still cannot upgrade my Skill.
boost blue false.png

You have to make sure that one is on Superior(blue) and the other two has to be on Good(green)

This is how you can upgrade your Skilll to Superior.

I think they have purple skill, too. Should be the same as the Superior one.

I hope this will help all the gamers, who was asking why i cannot upgrade the skill to Superior.

I want to add one more thing.. to upgrade your still to Purple. you have to boost all 3 attributes to Blue :-)

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