KoC:BftN Tips and Tricks

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Tips and Tricks by Genuine31

Here are some tips for new players or even experienced players.

#1- Barracks are key i currently have 16 barracks and can produce 4.5k tier 1 on 1 hour apx. 1k tier 3 in 5 hrs.

#2-In first city food is crucial for our army so focus on farms instead of the other resources.

#3-Wall defenses are useless, they are a waste of resources and time. Yes they train fast and increase your might at a good pace but i can send 60k tier 1 and take down over 100k wall.

#4- Probably the most important thing in this game is your knight level, every gem you earn should go to increasing your might. For exp. A army of tier 1 with a high level knight can easily take down a tier 3 army.

#5-When building second city focus on resources such as wood, stone, and ore. Not food, food you can focus on making in your first city.

#6- Relief station is something you always need to have at a good level. Level 6 is a good apx level for everybody.

#7- Embassy is a must if you are someone who loves to go to war. When you have multiple incoming armies you can be reinforced by your alliance and take out either all of the incoming atks or make sure to give them one heck of a fight.

Thats all my tips for now. Have any more that i didnt post leave a comment and tell me what i missed. Thank you.

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