Hawken Game Modes Guide

Hawken Game Modes Guide by ArnieF4440

  • Play the objective! (PTFO!) [Roundlay]
  • Don’t ever just fight to the death if you can help it. Denying kills is a huge part of playing a DM/TDM. Dying means that’s +1 for them. Deny it as much as you can. And for those fussy about their statistics, it’s one step towards a healthier looking K/D ratio.

    Its a bit embarrassing to have most of your team do decent, dominate the scoreboards only to have one mongrel constantly feed himself to the grinder and cost the team its victory. If your K/D for that game is 2/8, you are doing something very wrong and you should start hiding behind your mates.

    Discretion is the better part of honour. [Dreizehn]

  • Repair charges from destroyed mechs have 120 health [ArnieF4440]


  • Siege mode is great for grinding getting EXP compared to other game modes. Just make sure you get a decent team (but don’t rage quit, that’s just douchey, you get rebalanced next round) [ArnieF4440, depends on how well you perform during the round now, if you focus on EU collection as well as kills, you can rack up a lotta points]
  • At the start of the round, boost as much as you can to the closest EU Tree (with team members) while the HUD is “loading” and establish control over it as quickly as possible. Lay down some turrets, etc [ArnieF4440]
  • Communication is important in Siege, when you’ve got enough EU (energy units) to launch a battleship, call it out so people go for the AA to establish control over it before the other team [ArnieF4440]
  • Timing! If you’ve got 10 seconds before a battleship impacts your or the enemies base, and its not nearly dead, might as well go for the EU trees/your base and get a head start for the next battleship [ArnieF4440, OB battleships behave differently]
  • If you can’t see enemies attacking the AA, you should check their base. A lot of times, you get pesky teams who try and take out your battleship from their base. They’re usually oblivious to shooting at you, so you may as well take advantage of that. [ArnieF4440]
  • Spot checks. Well that’s what I call it. If you’ve got a bottleneck location near the EU trees, fire an explosive weapon (grenade launcher) to check for enemies. You’ll notice a player by the hitmarkers. [ArnieF4440]
  • Turrets are really useful for distracting enemies. Its particularly useful for protected EU trees and notifying you where enemies are [ArnieF4440]
  • The rate at which EU Trees output EU to your mech can be seen by the 3 “lights” on the tree. The more “lights” that are active, the quicker it will deliver EU. EU Trees deliver EU at the same rate, but it distributes EU to all players on the tree [ArnieF4440, adjusted for OB]
  • Try to keep it one at a time on the EU Trees. The quicker a team mate gets their EU, the quicker they can deliver it without getting killed [ArnieF4440]
  • You might as well go to the other EU tree if there are too many team mates on one. It’ll provide a good distraction for the enemy team, lowering the amount of EU they can deliver to their base [ArnieF4440]
  • E.U. is NOT health or fuel, don’t get these confused. [EMEUTIER]
  • Dieing in Siege is not a good idea, you waste 10 seconds waiting to respawn, loose the EU you are carrying, and it means that you need to deliver an additional 10 EU to your battleship. [ArnieF4440]
  • In Siege mode, the extra 10 energy you need to collect after a player dies only applies when they respawn. If you know another player has just enough energy to launch the ship and you die, wait for them to get the ship up before you respawn, so you don’t have to go all the way back to collect a measly 10 energy. [SirCannonFodder, *To be updated*]
  • If you press your repair mode key (“C”) while on an EU dock, you can cancel the EU transfer process and dismount from the dock [ArnieF4440]
  • Siege mechanics have changed a lot since Closed Beta. Bases now have a health which gets taken down by attacking Battleships. Battleships only attack a base when it has reached it. [ArnieF4440]
  • Battleships will start attacking each other once they meet each other [ArnieF4440]
  • The amount of EU required now trickles down by 1 EU per second. This pauses when a battleship has been launched from a teams base [ArnieF4440]
  • There is only 100 EU in each of the EU trees when a battleship is up. Its good to capitalise on this when you have the advantage in the game, most players will be focused on the AA and shooting down the battleship. But do it near the end of the battleship’s life so you are contributing to your team [ArnieF4440]
  • We successfully played a few games where we NEVER left AA. If we needed energy, we took it off our valiant enemies whose mangled bodies splashed against our fortified position like the angry sea against a sharp and pointy cliff. Nice side effect: You get tons of EXP for holding the AA AND the games tend to last longer. [Paintingbuddha]

Missile Assault Game Mode

  • It costs your base 3 health every time you respawn, but your base stops loosing health if its health is <= 250 (in HawkenGame\Config\HawkenGame.ini) [ArnieF4440, *To be Updated*]
  • A team has to hold all 3 missile launchers for it to have a faster fire rate [ArnieF4440]

Team Deathmatch & Deathmatch Game Modes

  • During deathmatches, try to look out for multiple blips on your map; it’s much easier to finish off players that are already weakened from an engagement.[Roundlay]

Team Deathmatch Game Mode

  • Working in groups is always more effective then 1 vs 1, you are more likely to win engagements that way [ArnieF4440]
  • You need to have some decent awareness of the map. If you just spawned, then decided to dash all over the bloody map looking for a fight… well you mongrel. Cut that out. You blare up on the radar, people know you are coming and you are likely not going to have a good initiative for a fight. Also running into someone just as your fuel cuts out is a rather silly thing to happen.

    Though if someone just walked past you, well feel free to run him down. Better if your mates are around to join you.

    I feel its better to start a slow trek towards your mates. And they should do the same. Once a red marker shows and one of you have engaged, well its the cue to fire those boosters up and hopefully you are close enough. And the fact you were split up kinda works towards your advantage – often you and other reinforcements would be coming in from a variety of angles, setting up for a good flanking riposte, which can outweigh the initial outnumbered disadvantage.

    And if you are the one caught out alone and outnumbered, it’s best not to be a foolhardy bastard and feed yourself to the slaughter. Play the rabbit. Buy some time. Your mates will arrive(unless they are such dullards).

    Conversely, if you’ve got yourselves grouped up and holed up, watching over a chokepoint or two, well it can be good to send a challenge to the other side and start making some noise. This can backfire, you might find yourselves flushed out with an organized attack.

    Even without Teamspeak or direct communications, you can achieve some decent level of teamplay just through sheer sensibility. Look at that radar, read the flow of battle. See a mate dashing away from a red blob? You’re nearby? It’s obviously cue to fire up your boosters, dash past your mate and slam into the pursuer. And chances are he’s somewhat weakened. You get the kill, your mate gets the assist.  [Dreizehn]

Deathmatch Game Mode

  • It’s ALWAYS easier to sneak a kill in if someone is distracted.[cunningStunts]

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