Hailan Rising Beginner’s Guide

Hailan Rising Beginner’s Guide by quatrevert

I. Tutorial video
II. Controls
III. Chat commands
IV. Connection issues
V. Ways to improve performance
VI. Maps

Tutorial video



WASD – movement
Mouse Buttons – turn character, rotate camera
Mouse Wheel – zoom
R – auto attack
Shift+Tab – nearest target
Tab – cycle targets
T – Etherea Tablet
C – crouch
NumLock – auto run
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 – Hotkeys for Hotbar slots 1-0
Space – jump
F1 – target self
F2 – F8 – target group members
U – hide UI
Enter – focus chat
B – combo runes (items for system not implemented)
G – guild window
I – inventory (only 5 slots, find bags in game, place them in 5 open slots to increase inventory space)
Shift+mouse drag – Split stacked items
F9 – toggle the 3 camera views, 1st and 3rd person, click to move
F – toggle walk / run

O – options

UI Menu – right clicking on many UI elements will open up custom Menu options for the respective UI window.
Buddy List is available by clicking the appropriate icon on the menu bar below your hotbar.

From a thread created by CaliMaestro

Chat commands

Right-clicking on the chat will open the tab options

– Say : /say
– Shout : /shout
– Private : /tell playername
– Gossip : /gossip
– Group : /group
– Guild : /guild
– Trade : /trade
– Faction : /faction
– Class : /class
– Subclass : /subclass
– Out Of Character : /ooc
– Roleplay : /roleplay

Examples of how to use :
/tell firecompanynl Hi!
/say Hello Trom!

Shout and Gossip appear in the chat of distant players, Say appears only in the chat of players who are close.

Connection issues

Here is a list of some of the possible causes and solution to issues during the connection process. Some of those messages appear normally when we connect : it is problematic only when it stops us from connecting for a long time.

Authentication failed

1. The username and password do not match
2. After logging out, there’s a delay before reconnecting is authorized
3. The account is not yet authorized to access the servers

Solution : verify the username and password combination – try to log in again – post a message on the forum

Failed to connect to server

1. The server is unavailable

Solution : wait until the server is available


1. The map where the character try to spawn is currently unavailable
2. The attempt to log in is made too quickly after the previous log out

Solution : select a character who is in a different map – wait for the server to be available – wait shortly before logging in again


1. There is a problem with the character status and it can not spawn

Solution : select or create another character – post a message on the forum

Ways to improve performance by MistahE

– Graphics quality : Game launcher > Graphics quality > fastest

– Screen resolution : Game launcher > Screen resolution > 1024 or lower

– Start-up programs : Start menu > Search box : msconfig > Startup tab > disable unnecessary start-up programs

– Hard drive index* : Computer > right-click on Hard drives > Properties > General tab > disable the indexing function

– Windows Search* : Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open Task manager > Services tab > click on Services button > in the list right-click on Windows Search > Properties > select Disabled for the Start up type > stop the service in Service status

– Visual effects : right-click on Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > under Performances click Settings > Visual Effects tab > Adjust for best performance

– Virtual memory : right-click on Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > under Performances click Settings > Advanced tab > under Virtual memory click Change > select Custom size > enter a Paging file initial and maximum size
note : The optimal size will depend on the processor, hard drive and RAM.

– Anti-virus : Run an anti-virus scan to remove malwares.

– Graphics card drivers : Download the latest drivers for the GPU.

– Graphics card settings : Open the graphics card menu and select the highest performance option for each setting.

– Cooling : Ensure adequate computer cooling.


Highroad map – NPC

Posted Image
Orcs in red – Humans in blue

a : Captain Adam – [Travel]
b : Captain Zednem – [Travel]
c : Highroad Greeter Jamsa
d : Highroad Greeter Geran
e : Etherea Trainer Xeren
f : Etherea Trainer Sophia
g : Jewelry Merchant Willow – [Jewels]
h : Potion Merchant Hemsworth – [Potions]
i : Beggar Rood
j : Banker Reid – [Bank]
k : Weaponsmith Henry – [Weapons]
l : Rankings Advisor Xelha
m : Crest Merchant Maka – [Crests]
n : Etherea Master Hylix
o : Young Walt
p : Control Master Mary
q : Bowyer Gorn – [Bows & Arrows]
r : Max, the Young Archer
s : Belt Maker Gor
t : Storage Merchant Lor – [Bags]
u : Belt Trader Groll – [Belts]
v : Armorer Prek – [Armors]
w : Prak
x : Pang
y : Yardworker Xal
z : Yardworker Trey

Shores of Ashken map – NPC
Orcs in red – Humans in blue

Posted Image
Orcs in red – Humans in blue

a : Shaman Thorn – [Travel]
b : Shaman Smith – [Travel]

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