Godsrule Combat Basic Guide

Godsrule Combat Basic Guide

Loading Ship

Your units and spells appear in the ‘Load Ship’ menu. First, click the ‘Load Ship’ option and use the ‘Add to Ship’ or the small green ‘+’ icon to load your ship.

Entering the Battle Map

Use the ‘Battle Map’ option at the bottom of the screen to enter the battle map. You can also access it from the ‘Load Ship’ menu or the Harbor.

Choosing a Territory

Choose one of the 8 territories you want to fight in (Only the 1st one is unlocked at first). You can either click on the territory itself or the battle axe icon above it to opt into battle right away.

If you selected a territory, click on the ‘Create Battle!’ option to create a new battle.

The Battlefield

The relic is in the middle of the battlefield and your summoning stone is in one of the corners. There are some creatures scattered around the battlefield as well. Drag the battlefield around by clicking and dragging.

(iPad) Drag the battlefield around using two fingers.

The Combat Interface

The units and spells you loaded your ship with are at the bottom
Summoned units appear in the tabs above it
Players’ names and their emblems are at the sides
The relic’s capture status bar is at the top
Below the capture status bar is your summoning limit bar.

Summon a unit onto the battlefield by clicking on it. It will appear on your summoning stone. If you can’t summon a unit, there might already be a unit on the summoning stone, or you’ve reached your summoning limit.

Moving Units
Move a selected unit by clicking somewhere on the battlefield.

Attacking Enemies
Click on an enemy unit or summoning stone to attack it.

Capturing the Relic
Send selected units to capture the relic by clicking on it.

Collect Crates
Send units to collect the crates that appear around the battlefield. These provide bonuses for your units.

Your Objective

Your objective is to capture the relic in the middle of the battlefield. The first one to capture it wins.

Unit Attributes

Health (HP)
This is how much damage the unit can sustain before it dies.

Damage (DMG)
This is how much damage the unit inflicts.

Speed (SPD)
This is how fast it moves.

Capture Rate (CAP)
This is how good it is at capturing relics.

Range (RNG)
This is the unit’s range of attack.

Population (POP)
This is how much space the unit occupies on the battlefield, in the ship and in houses.

Special Ability (SPA)
Each unit has a special ability described in a short sentence on its card.

XP and Rewards

Earn XP
You earn XP by participating in battles, killing enemies, capturing the relic and more. XP allows you to earn new battle ranks, unlock titles and become a more respectful fighter.

Earn Rewards
You earn combat rewards at the end of each battle. The more havoc you cause on the battlefield, the more rewards you earn.

Advanced Combat Features

With some units selected, you can create a group so that those same units can be quickly selected again later. You can create up to 3 different groups.

While holding down the control (CTRL) key, press the 1, 2 or 3 keys to make the selected units into group 1, 2 or 3.

(iPad) Press a group icon in the lower left hand side of the interface for a few seconds to make the selected units into that group.
You can then either press the appropriate number key (browser only) or click on the group icon in the lower left to select that group of units.

Select Multiple Units

Hold shift when selecting a unit to add to your selection.
Hold shift and drag to select all units inside the selection box.
Double click a unit to select all units of that type.
(iPad) With one finger, drag a box over the group of units you want selected.

Aggressive Movement
Selecting the aggressive movement option in the bottom right corner makes your unit attack anything in its path while moving.

Expand and Contract
The small icon in the bottom right corner allows you to expand and contract unit cards.

Taunts and Orders
‘Orders’ and ‘Taunts’ can be found on each side of the screen. Selecting them expands a list of sentences to choose from. Select a sentence to either taunt your enemies or send a private order to your teammate.

Summoning Boosters
Locate the yellow summoning points on the battlefield. Capturing them with a unit or your summoning stone enables you to summon more unit.


Travel Far
The world is a vast place. Unlock new territories by upgrading your Harbor. Reaching Harbor level 8 unlocks the 8th territory.

Participate in the War
War’s raging on all territories. When entering a territory you see how much time is left of that territory’s round. Help your faction take control of territories. You can also partner up with your clan members to become one of the top 3 clans in each round.

Earn Territory Rewards
The winning faction of each round gets a territory reward. The faction’s top clans get an even better reward. You can pick up territory rewards off the battle map whenever your faction has earned them, but only for those territories you’ve unlocked.

Creature Battles

Access creature combat by clicking on a ruin. Ruins are those big piles of rock on land, often only visible of you chop down the forest first. This will bring up the ruin’s menu where you can see how difficult the battle will be, what you’re getting if you win and how many units and spells you have available. Continue by clicking ‘Fight!”

Fighting Creatures
Summon, move, attack and capture the same way as in player vs. player battles.

Unlike player vs. player battles, creature battles have multiple relics. Your objective is to capture them all. By capturing the relic you claim the land and destroy the ruin.

You can always enter creature battles by selecting the ‘Creature Battle’ option in a Barracks or Temple menu. This keeps you on your toes and might earn you a few splinters and XP.

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