FTL Game Ship Achievements Guide

FTL Game Ship Achievements Guide by Chocolateknife

So I saw that there was a guide to getting all the ships and thought I would put a helpful guide to get all the type B ships.

The Kestrel:

The United Federation: Have six unique alien crewmen aboard the Kestrel at the same time

The aliens that you need are: Mantis, Slug, Rock, Engi, Zoltan, Human. You could also go for Crystal crewmen, but the mission to get them by is pretty rare. This achievement is more luck based, and you’ll have to depend on certain missions that can lead to getting crewmen. Watch out for specific instances such as when a ship is demanding a slave, or one that is selling you one. You could also buy crew members from stores, but basically this achievement is extremely luck based.

Full Arsenal: Have every system and subsystem installed at the same time.

This one is easier because you only need the Drone system, cloak, and Crew teleporter. They are common in shops.

Tough LIttle Ship: Fully repair your ship after surviving with 1 hp

An easy one. A good way is to find an AI ship that has lasers but no missles right next to a shop. Take down the AI ship’s shields and power down your shields/engine. Let the AI ship bring your hp down to 1 and proceed to destroy it. Then go to the nearest store and fully repair yourself.

The Nesasio(stealth ship):

Bird of Prey: Take down an enemy ship at full hp in a single cloak

Try to level your cloak to level 3 and find a shieldless AI ship. Make sure you wait for all your weapons to charge up and launch them in a single volley right after you use your cloak. A good way to maximize your damage is to pause, cloak, and launch everything at the same time. Your cloak should be long enough for your to get another charge and finish the ship off.

Phase Shift: Dodge 9 points of damage in a single cloak

This ones a bit harder because most ships cant do 9 points of damage in a single volley until around sector 7. An easy way to do this is to try and make it to the final phase of the boss, and cloak right after it launches its “power surge”.

Tactical Approach: Get to sector 8 without jumping to environmental dangers

You get the sensors right off the bat so this one should be easy. Environmental dangers are Solar flares, asteroid fields, and ion storms. Nodes that have environmental dangers are marked with a circle and crosses over it.

The Gila Monster(Mantis Ship):

Take no Prisoners: Kill the crew of 20 ships before sector 6

You start off with the crew teleporter and mantises, so make the most out of it. You can check out this detailed boarding guide

Avast, Ye scurvy dogs!: Kill 5 enemy crewmembers in a single fight without taking hull damage/losing crewmembers

This ones a bit harder because finding 5 enemies is difficult enough. I got this achievement while I was in the Zoltan Controlled territory when a zoltan ship attacked me along while 4 boarders were on my ship. My mantis quickly killed the 4 on my ship, and proceeded to kill the last 2 on their ship. Make sure you have enough shields or atleast a cloak to dodge incase they have missles and don’t let any of the boarders damage any systems or else you will take hull damage.

Battle Royale: Kill the last enemy crew member with your last crew member

Try to do this early on so you can restart after you’ve finished this achievement. Find a ship with ~2 crewmembers. Board them and and leave one alive. Return back to the ship and kill your own crew members by suffocating them and leaving one. Then proceed to kill the last enemy crewmember with your mantis. (make sure the enemy doesn’t have a working medbay or a mantis, enemy mantises are usually stronger than the ones on your ship.)

The Torus(Engie Cruiser):

Robotic Warfare: Have 3 drones running at the same time

You are only given 1 anti-ship drone at the start which means you will have to find 2 other drones. Remember to upgrade your drone system so that it can at least power all three at the same time. I recommend just finding repair drones because they are the cheapest and require the least amount of power.

I Hardly Lifted a Finger: Destroy a ship using only drones

Can be done early on when there are some AI ships that are shieldless. If an enemy has a shield, you will need more than just the attack drone you are given. The anti-ship 1’s dps is not enough to break through a shield.

The Guns… They have stopped: Have 4 enemy systems ioned at the same time

The Ion blast 2 you are given can ion 2 enemy systems simultaneously if you switch between targets at the end of every cooldown. You will either need another Ion blast 2 or 2 Ion blast 1s or 2 Heavy ions to get this achievement. Simply aim one at the shields to keep it from blocking your other ion shots, and the rest on any system you wish.

The Osprey(Federation Ship):

Master of Patience: Use only the artillery beam to destroy a ship while taking no hull damage.

Half of this will require you to have a sufficient level of shields that can block any amount of damage an enemy ship can deal, and the other half will require you to find a ship that doesn’t have missiles. When you have found a ship without missiles, just wait for your to artillery beam to slowly destroy it. Because the artillery beam is shield piercing, it will never miss and is unaffected by enemy shields.

Diplomatic Immunity: Use your crew in 4 special blue events before sector 5.

Humans don’t offer special blue events so that means you will depend on your Engi, Rockman, and Mantis to get these special blue events. Try to go to as many distress nodes because this is the easiest way to find blue events. I specifically remember distress that feature a plague or zombie disease where your engi can cure them, and an outbreak of fire where your rockman can just save everyone.

Artillery Mastery: Get to sector 5 without upgrading your weapons system

This achievement wants you to focus on upgrading your ship’s artillery system or just avoid every fight and get to sector 5 as fast as you can. Not much of a problem because you can just do this on easy mode and focus on defenses and take the shortest routes to sector 5 as quickly as possible.

Man of War(Slug Ship):

We’re in Position!:Have vision of every room in an enemy ship without functioning sensors

This achievement requires you to use a teleporter and have your Slug crew members be adjacent to every room in the enemies ship. Since you are only given 2, try to find small enemy slug ships that only have 4 system rooms. Then make sure that there is a room next to both slugs. I’m pretty sure buying sensors will make it harder for you to do this achievement because they have to be unable to function in order for you to get this achievement.

Home Sweet Home:Jump to 30 nebulas before sector 8

Nebula nodes are marked by a purplish background around the node. Try to follow sector paths that contain the most amount of purple nodes. About 2 uncharted nebula sectors will be enough for you to get this achievement.

Disintegration Ray:Kill 3 enemy crew members with a single shot of the Anti-bio Beam

This one is extremely difficult just for the fact that enemy crew members are rarely ever in a straight line for you to kill them in. The least amount of shots it takes is at least 2 because Zoltan crew members can survive a single beam. You only have to land 3 killing blows within a single use of the Anti-bio Beam to get the achievement. This means that you can weaken them first with the Anti-bio beam, and then attempt to finish 3 at the same time. Note: The Anti-bio beam requires the line to be exactly on top of the crew member to damage them, in case you might think you only need to hit the rooms they are in. Also, be sure to destroy medical bays before attempting to weaken them, the crew members will automatically run to the Med bay right after being damaged by it. This is by far one of the more frustrating achievements.

The Bulwark(Rock Ship):

Is it hot in here?: Kill an enemy crew member with your rockman while the room they are in is on fire

This is kind of difficult since the AI is programmed to run out of the room if the room is on fire+they are low on health. Easiest way to do this is get to the final boss with a fire bomb. Use the fire bomb on one of the weapon systems, and send your rock crewman to the crew member manning it. They will have no where to go, making this achievement easier.

Defense Drones Don’t Do D’anything!: Destroy a ship that has a defense drone up using only missles

Defense drones usually can only destroy 1 missle at a time, so they wont be able to stop a volley of missles. Wait for both missle systems that are given to you at the start to charge before launching them. Then, launch both of them at the drone system. 1 missle will be shot down, while the other will get past and destroy the drone system. Once the defense drone is down, you can quickly destroy the ship by using only missles.

Ancestry: Find the Secret Sector

This achievement is basically done by doing a long series of missions that involves much luck. It involves unlocking the crystal cruiser. I suggest looking up this guide made by someone else: FTL Game Ships Complete Guide

The Adjudicator(Zoltan Ship):

Shields Holding: Destroy a ship before it gets through your Zoltan shield

Easily done on easy mode. Since most early ships don’t have weapons that can do more than 5 points of damage in a single burst, I suggest targeting your missiles at their weapons. This will make them unable to retaliate and destroy your shield.

Givin’ Her all She’s Got Captain!: Have 29 power in systems at the same time

This one requires a fully maxed out reactor (which gives you 25 power) and 4 Zoltan crew members (which gives you 4 power), unless you find more than 4 Zoltan crew members. Since you are given 3 Zoltan crew members initially, this achievement basically requires you to find a Zoltan crew member and fully upgrade your reactor.

Manpower: Get to sector 5 without upgrading your reactor

I did this achievement while going for the pacifist achievement. I recommend just taking the shortest route to each exit and trying to avoid fighting as much as you can. Basically put all of the power you are given initially into your engines to charge up your FTL faster and gain increased dodge chance.

The Bravais(Crystal Ship):

Sweet Revenge: Destroy an enemy ship with a shard with the Crystal Vengeance augment

The Crystal Vengeance augment gives the ship a 10% chance to launch a shard that pierces shields that does 1 damage every time your ship is damaged. For some reason this achievement is bugged and only needs you to hit an enemy ship once with the shard, not destroy it. While playing the crystal ship, this will eventually happen.

No escape: Trap 4 enemy crewman using the crystal being’s lockdown ability or a lockdown bomb

I have never seen a lockdown bomb, but I used by crystal being’s lockdown ability to get this achievement. Its hard having 4 people in the same room, but you should find instances that have boarders. These are usually common in Pirate controlled sectors. Once you have 4 boarders, send your crystal into the room that they are in, and use the lockdown ability by pressing the lockdown button next to the crystal’s name.

Clash of the TItans: Destroy 15 rock ships(pirates count)

THIS IS IN A SINGLE RUN. Try to take paths that have the most red sectors and prioritize going to sectors that are Rock Controlled, Rock Homeworld, or Pirate controlled sectors. I am not sure if killing the crewman and leaving the ship will count towards this acheivement.

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