FTL Game Boarding Guide

FTL Game Boarding Guide by Rodaku

Boarding…. it can lead to many of things…. ONE, a dead crew, or two, Your ship gets BLOWN UP… but with this guide i can help YOU understand the ways of bording… or you know, you just wanna learn a few things.


here are the main people you are gonna need IF you wanna board someones ship, the list will go from Worst, to the BEST

Zoltans: ….. WHY…. just… WHY?! These guys have little hp and will die EASILY unless you manage to hurt the enemy crew before hand with a bomb… and even then, WHY, there better in the ship…. GIVIN it power

Engis: These guys… can’t hurt… anything… Reduced damage makes them just as bad as the Zultans at invading, but at least they do not have to worry much about the low health… only there damage… again, they are better for the ship, to keep it up an running with defenses

Humans: … eh, you can invade with them if you want…. but, meh there bland, WHO NEEDS THEM

Slugs: ok these guys… there OK, they have NO weakness’s in fighting… but no power as well… though they DO have an upside of giving you the ability to see where the enemy is, so you can BOMB him and make the invasions easier, that and see inside THERE ship when your in it.

Rockmen: ok these guys… THESE GUYS….. THERE AWESOME…. Lots of health is a HUGE plus for taking them its, also… there IMMUNE to fire, so if you have a Fire related weapon, USE THAT, then send these guys in, and WATCH the destruction…. you can even get the “some people like to watch ships burn” achievement with them

Mantis: again… just… AWESOME, they don’t have the increased health… but what they lack, They make up in STRENGTH… they hurt a lot, and with him and a ROCKMAN you can pretty much see a mildly successive invasion… these guys are usually your invasion force

OK so now that we got THESE guys down, how about we talk about WEAPONS

BEAMS: Fire beam is the ONLY BEAM you want… that is if you have a ROCKMEN boarding squad…. other then that…. you won’t really need it much

LAZORS: these are ESSENTIAL… for the final boss… and the AI ships… other then that, its iffy if you want them or not, but its good in the long run.

ION: these are NICE, it helps take out a Zultan shield which blocks boarding and can be used to stop lock up enemy weapons… though i would Suggest the Ion Bomb on this one

ROCKETS: whats essential for boarding missions you ask? DISTRACTIONS, and with Rockets, you got your Distractions, have an enemy Healing bay… ROCKETS, having a relation ship problem… SURPRISE ROCKET

BOMBS: you know whats better then a Rocket, a ROCKET that can go into the enemy when they have a Defense Drone, This my friends is the SOUL WEAPON… of Boarding, this can cause LOTS of havoc and, HEALING BOMBS to keep yo invasions going

There, WEAPONS…. but a good invasion WON’T WORK if your Ship can’t take the PRESSURE so how about some DRONES

Beam and Anti-Ship: you Won’t need these guys much… unless AI ships… but it would be better to have an ACTUAL lazor to use

Anti-Personal: he isn’t really needed much, i feel sad for him…. he isn’t much useful to any ship… Though he does have his perks… of a distraction if they are in your Drone bay…

FIXING: Useful… if you don’t have anyone else but MANTIS MEN or ROCKMEN, seeing as they can repair your ship while your gone… in case your teleporter is out while yo be invading.

BOARDING: wanna know what this guy can do? DISTRACT, and BOY does he do a good job of it, ALSO he causes a BREACH in there hull, so if he distracts them long enough or you do that, there is NO WAY they can repair that part of the ship if it runs out of air, Even with a medbay… unless rockmen or two of them

DEFENSE: Shooting down Surprise rockets? YES PLEASE, these things will keep yo ship HAPPY and HEALTHY, i don’t suggest getting the level 2 one cause Shields can block most lazors… except burst… only get it IF you have NO ONE to control the ship and avoid shots… but isn’t that what Captains upgrade for… though it is half

DRONES…. love them or hate them… THEY ARE ESSENTIAL TOOLS…. now for a place to put ALL these tools in…

CAPTAINS DECK: it should only be upgraded IF you have no one else in your ship except your invasion party

DOORS: UPGRADE to 2 or 3 to slow down enemys from BREAKIN yo THINGS… also allows you to open doors in case of fire if they get hit somewhat

RADAR: UPGRADE to 2 or 3, THIS tool is USEFUL for finding out what your up against and how to take care of it… thats all i have to say

SHEILDS: Wanna keep yo ship alive? i thought so… UPGRADE THEM… till you have level 3 sheilds to make sure you don’t take TO MUCH if you don’t dodge bullets… or you know, bring them to 4

WEAPONS: get it to about level 4 and leave it there… you don’t need weapons all the time but you will need a bit of it… ESPECIAL AI

ENGINES: got a crew that stays on the ship? This helps them EVADE… aka LESS HITS ON YO SHEILD… aka NO HITS FROM RANDOM MISSLES OR BOMBS… aka JUKE LIKE YO A FOOTBALL MASTA

CLOAK: more power to dodge BULLETS and MISSLES? nice, also stops there weapons from charging and is GREAT for the final boss.. but not needed, though again, NICE

DRONE: USEFUL in protecting from MISSLES… again, USEFUL get it to level 4 or 5…. for that stuffs

MEDBAY: a LOVELY room to help invasions get it to power level 2 to quicken healing times… or 3 if you have the FREE resources

BOARDING PLATFORM: …. what is this guide about……… GET IT… level 1 and 2 is fine, 3 is if you wanna get in and out quickly but yea…

There we go, the NEED of the SHIP are FOR YOU TO NEED…. OK THEN but before i take off, LET ME MENTION ABOUT THIS ONE AWESOME SHIP

MANTIS SHIP TYPE B: this ship….. ITS LOVELY… level 2 shields… a DEFENSE drone and a BREACH drone… 2 Mantis Men… and NO WEAPONS…. its NICE, downside… NO weapons, Upside…. 4…. count them… 4 PEOPLE BOARDING ROOM, you can send it 2 ROCKMEN and 2 MANTIS MEN…. at the SAME TIME

And there you have it… a QUICK or GOOD or WHATEVER you call it Guide, that will HELP YOU INVADE LIKE A MAN…

oh here is some little tips and TRICKS to help invasions

-if the enemy has level 2 or higher doors, BREAK THAT FIRST, it will keep your guys in one room which is bad if you are trying to escape, or if you are wanting to do a SPECIAL TRICK if your using Mantis ship Type B

-Medbays… love yours… LOATH THERES, BOMB IT OR MISSILE IT… it is EVIL

-when you fully take out an part of the enemies ship like there sheild or weapons, it takes off 1 point from there hull, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR INVASIONS FORCE IN THE SHIP, when it has 1 HP unless you kill the last guy or have a QUICK get away

-AI SHIPS…. DON’T THROW ANYONE IN THERE, they will suffocate seeing as they have NO AIR… the good news… ROCKMEN can go in and disable a system and can quickly get back… but i suggest getting level 2 boarding passes before doing that

-Enemy units focus more on there Shields then anywhere else… this is a HELPFUL tip if you have a Mantis Ship Type B and 2 Rockmen… you can Leave them in there shield while the other two can go around breaking EVERYTHING else like there medbay or WEAPONS…. its VERY nice to know

And thus EVERYTHING…. THAT I KNOW, and that YOU WILL KNOW…. when you invade… GO OUT…. and INVADE for MORE SCRAPS… and STUFF…. and maybe, you can take out an Final boss… without cloak… and an Invasion team… like i did

Boarding Tips and Tricks by Nihy and Maya

Some things I’ve learned about boarding

– Good shields and possibly 1-2 defense drones against missiles will allow you to easily take any non-AI ship without a med bay.

– To handle ships with a med bay, first teleport your guys into a 2 square room close to the med bay. When the defenders start retreating into the medbay, hit it with a bomb and immediately rush in with your guys.

– Fire bombs/beams are a great distraction and make it much easier to take larger ships. Beware of auto-fire though.

– Try to maintain a large crew to be able to deal with fires and invaders in your own ship.

– When boarding AI ships, you need teleporter level 2 to (or possibly Rock boarding crew) to bring your guys back before they asphyxiate.

– The best way to board AI ships though is through a boarding drone since they don’t need oxygen and the AI ship cannot kill it.

There are some more tricks:

– if it happens, that you get overwhelmed, but your Teleporter isn’t ready or damaged, then just run around their ship till you can get them out there. This way its pretty easy to the most damage, especially against Rocks or if you got the Mantis-Augmentation. But get in Mind, that they need to stay still when you’re using the Teleporter.

– And its also a good idea to take the medbay directly out and beam in it, cause if the Bomb misses while you’re fighting them already, then you need to start all over again, after you retreatet for some healing.

Against AI Ships its most time a good idea to run away or to buy/find heavy weapons, just focusing on boarding isn’t the best idea, especially the boss could be very hard.

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