Firefall Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (MAN) Guide

Firefall Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (MAN) Guide by DaShMiEsTeR

This is list is pretty intimidating as is building it so it’s not exactly an item to be printing if your starting out in Firefall.


The maps are currently being revised please let me know any coordinates that are good for solo/grouped meld thumping!!!

Which part is re-usable and do I have to buy all of this everytime?

No you don’t, once you have purchased the large 110kCY part (EMAN – only resuable part) of the M.A.N you only need to worry about a further ~17k CY per M.A.N you want to run after that. This one part can be quite costly though.

Where is the best place to farm scraps?

Please refer to the map above for my personal Meld thumping locations and always be on the lookout for Twisters.

What is the fastest way to get Crystite?

Thumping low-grade minerals such as ‘White Coralite’ can be quite beneficial when refining/printing. If you find yourself strapped for minerals just head out with a stack of ‘Sonic Detonators’ and hunt for outcrops.

What type of creatures drop scraps?
Regardless of size type: Diseased Scavenger’s (everyones’ personal favourite), Melding Hisser’s, Melding Arahana’s & Melded Explosive Arahana’s.

What is the best class to farm scraps with?

Personal choice really but I would have to say Dreadnaught with P.Heavy Armor/Thunderdome and P.Astrek Plating + Reactive Armor.
If not, just farm in spots (on the map above) that you find suitable to your class. Most of these spots I have used many different classes in.
Just depends on whose around at the time and if your solo-ing.

I FINALLY have my M.A.N! Now what??

Congratulations, please see Skarth’s‘Guide to kill a Baneclaw’


-Gather a group of the best players you know and set a Countdown Timer to secure punctuality. You want 75% Dreadnaughts and Rhino preferred.
-Make sure to make a list of set amount of players and assign your most trusted as squad-leaders.
-Invite all your squad leaders to you once you have found a suitable instance to deploy your M.A.N in (you want a spot that is relatively mediocre and not too deep into the melding/water’s edge – again check guide).
-Proceed to invite the rest of your list of ~25 and ensure nobody drops. Make sure atleast two people have an ‘Amplifier Core’ or two for the several NorthShore ‘Amplifier Reactors’ (so you can push the meld back).
-Time is of the essence and being swift can be the difference between a successful run and a bad run where you have 2 other squads crashing your Baneclaw Party.

What does a successful M.A.N run look like?

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