Dueling Blades Skills List

Dueling Blades Skills List by BinaryBob

Learning Class Skills

Skills are special abilities which ever class possesses. These abilities vary greatly in their effect, but all of them can turn the tide of battle. To acquire a new skill, one must first be of the appropriate level to use that skill, and have enough gold to purchase it from the Trainer Hall. To use it, you must also have a spare skill
slot in which to equip it. Skills are activated in battle using Energy Points. Careful use of skills and EP can lead to success.

The number of skills you can take into battle is limited by how many skill slots your character currently possesses. You can gain skill slots by levelling up, or get them early and have the edge over your enemies with an in-game purchase using Kongregate Kreds.

Skill Slot Unlock Levels:

• 1st slot = Level 1
• 2nd slot = Level 3
• 3rd slot = Level 7
• 4th slot = Level 12
• 5th slot = Level 18
• 6th slot = Level 25
• 7th slot = Level 34
• 8th slot = Level 50

Note that classes are backwards-compatible with their appropriate skills. For example, a Knight can use the skills of all the previous classes in his tree. However, Knights cannot use the skills from any other tree, like that of the Samurai.

Novice Skills

  • Broad Strike (Level 2) – 4 EP: Attacks in a wider arc with 1.5x damage.
  • Heavy Slash (Level 4) – 5 EP: Attacks with a longer range and 1.5x damage.

Warrior Skills

  • Counterattack (Level 5) – 5 EP: If the opponent would successfully hit you this turn, negate that attack and deal 0.7x damage to them.
  • War Cry (Level 9) – 3 EP: Buffs your damage by 1.5x for the next three turns.
  • Berserker Fury (Level 13) – 10 EP: The ultimate Warrior skill which deals 2.5x damage!

Thief Skills

  • Stun Kick (Level 5) – 5 EP: This Grapple attack has a complete 360 degree radius around you, and if the attack connects, the opponent cannot move during the next turn. This has priority over standard attacks and Novice skills. Equal in priority to Counterattack and Deals 1.6x damage
  • Blinding Dust (Level 9) – 3 EP: If it connects, it will debuff the enemy’s movement by 25% and attack fan by 50% for the next 3 turns.
  • Dagger Fury (Level 13) – 10 EP: The ultimate Thief skill which deals 2.5x damage!

Knight Skills

  • Shield Cover (Level 18) – 5 EP: Blocks all physical attacks for one turn.
  • Earthquake (Level 23) – 5 EP: Similar to the Thief’s Stun Kick, but with a larger range and lower priority. If it connects, the opponent cannot move during the next turn. Deals 1.5x dmage
  • Aura of Protection (Level 29) – 4 EP: Reduces all damage taken for the next 3 turns by 50%.
  • Exorcise Demon (Fury) (Level 34) – 10 EP: The ultimate Knight skill which deals 2.7x damage!

Samurai Skills

  • Tri-Cut (Level 18) – 4 EP: A weak attack which inflicts 0.5x damage and inflicts “Bleed Condition” on an opponent for 3 turns. Bleed will cause minor HP loss at the end of each turn.
  • Open Wound (Level 23) – 5 EP: An attack equal in priority to the Novice Skills. Deals normal damage unless the enemy is in “Bleed Condition”, in which case it will dead 2.5x damage.
  • Tsubame Gaeshi (Level 29) – 8 EP: This skill counters all physical attacks and deals 1.5x damage.
  • Bushido Fury (Level 34) – 10 EP: The ultimate Samurai skill which deals 2.7x damage!

Rogue Skills

  • Poison Blade (Level 18) – 5 EP: An underhanded attack that deals .4 damage over 5 turns.
  • Backstab (Level 23) – 0 EP: A passive attack that deals 1.5 damage when your opponent is attacked from behind.
  • Throat Slice (Level 29) – 6 EP: Overpowers regular l attack, normal skills and defend. Player dashes behind the opponent, grabs them from behind and makes them smile “ear to ear”.
  • Eternal Punishment (Fury) (Level 34) – 10 EP: The ultimate Rogue skill which deals high 2.7x damage!

Ninja Skills

  • Caltrop (Level 18) – 5 EP: Place a trap on the ground that deals 40 dmg. Lasts for 3 turns unless sprung, which will expire after dealing damage.
  • Ninja Vanish (Level 23) – 5 EP: The ninja becomes invisible for 1 turn. Go ninja go!
  • Ninja Decoy (Level 29) – 5 EP: Spawn two identical decoys to confuse your opponent. Expires after the next turn.
  • Shadow Fury (Level 34) – 10 EP: The ultimate Ninja skill which deals 2.7x damage!

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