Dragon Crusade FAQ

Dragon Crusade FAQ by gmdredd

  1. Q: Why can’t I dismiss my hero?
    A: Please check if the hero has unequipped all items, especially boots. Hero bags should also not have equipment left. Lv 35 and above heroes can’t be dismissed.
  2. Q: Why is there something wrong with my food production?
    A: Food production is consumed by a city’s buildings and from building resource fields. Armies within cities also consume food. Total food output – Population – Army consumption = Actual food production
  3. Q: How do I increase my gold?
    A: You can gain gold from wildlands hunting, visiting waterwheels, Civic Center tax collection, and selling resources.
  4. Q: Why don’t my resources increase when my hero defeats monsters, or after visiting a waterwheel/windmill?
    A: The hero must return to the city before it increases.
  5. Q: How do I increase my fame?
    A: Every 1 gold spent adds 1 fame, but it does not include: Hiring mine guards or elite mine guards, upgrading elite mine guards, buying equipment or items from stores, market trades, and Alliance donations.
  6. Q: Why did my fame not increase even though I produced soldiers?
    A: Fame gained is equivalent to the gold cost of every soldier produced.
  7. Q: How many wildlands mines can 1 city have?
    A: 2.
  8. Q: Where can I find Treasures?
    A: Treasure drops have a chance of dropping when wildland hunting and attacking Demon cities.
  9. Q: When do waterwheels and windmills reset?
    A: Once randomly every 24 hours.
  10. Q: When do Demon cities reset?
    A: Randomly every 3 to 6 hours.
  11. Q: Why do items become lesser at the same hunting point?
    A: The same spot can be attacked 3 times daily. Every attack reduces the reward 1 time. After 3 attacks, there will be no rewards left.
  12. Q: What does a minotaur icon on the map mean?
    A: The image indicates patrolling Demon elites that can be challenged with a hero. Victory grants certain rewards. Demon elite patrols increase along with hero levels.
  13. Q: How do I obtain Gem Fragments to buy Gems?
    A: Attacking Demon cities, elite monsters, and Demon elite patrols drop a certain number of Gem Fragments.
  14. Q: Why can’t I remove my items from my Treasure Warehouse?
    A: A hero must be present in the city to remove equipment, and requires that the hero have empty slots in his bag.
  15. Q: How many equipment pieces make up an equipment set?
    A: Total of 10 parts: Helm, shoulders, chest, belt, gloves, leggings, kneeguards, boots, cape.
  16. Q: What level does a Command Post have to be to dispatch 2 heroes?
    A: For every 5 levels that a Command Post gains, the number of dispatched heroes increases by 1 slot.
  17. Q: Is there a data wipe in Closed Beta?
    A: Yes.
  18. Q: Are there any penalties when a hero dies?
    A: None. Only time is required for revival, the higher the hero level, the longer the revival time.
  19. Q: How do I participate in hero arenas?
    A: Requires building of an arena.
  20. Q: What are hero attributes used for?
    A: Stamina = Hero HP, Strength = Physical Attack, Agility = Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Critical Attack Rate, Intelligence = Magic Attack, Spirit = Magic Defense, Constitution = Physical Defense.
  21. Q: What to do when a hero runs out of HP?
    A: Can use the First Aid Tent to perform treatment, or buy HP potions at VIP stores.
  22. Q: Will a hero drop equipment upon death?
    A: No.
  23. Q: Why can’t I accept quests?
    A: Please check if you meet the conditions of the quest you’re trying to accept. Ex: If hero level is sufficient.
  24. Q: My account was compromised and assigned an account lock by someone else. How do I find the account lock password?
    A: Please provide your game account, server where it is on and relevant registration email for that account.
  25. Q: How do I join an Alliance?
    A: Building a Lv 1 Alliance Chamber is required to join an Alliance. When this condition is met, you can view Alliance-related info on the Alliance rankings, and choose which Alliance to join by contacting the Alliance Head. After receiving the invite from the Alliance Head, you can choose to accept and join the Alliance.
  26. Q: How do I create an Alliance?
    A: Alliance Chamber must be Lv 3 to create an Alliance. When this condition is met, you can create an Alliance in the Alliance Chamber.
  27. Q: How do I increase the max number of Alliance members?
    A: Upgrading an Alliance can increase the max number of Alliance members allowed. Every level adds 5 members, max being 100 members.

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