Carnage Racing Tips and Hints Guide

Carnage Racing Tips and Hints Guide by lods

Hey there!

Welcome to the Hints and Tips FAQ. Here we’ve tried to provide you with some steps that will give you a greater competitive edge when causing carnage on our race tracks!

Please feel free to add any of your own steps below!

Sometimes I see people get a boost off the start line, how can I get one to?

The best way to try and get the boost off the start line is to repeatedly press the ‘W’ key whilst the start timer is counting down.

You’ll know if you’ve managed to get the boost as you’ll see flames come out of your exhaust and some black tyre tracks on the ground.

And if we could have, we’d have put in the smell of burnt rubber to!

I see that some players jump ahead in the race, how can they do this?

There’s two ways to ‘Phase Shift’ in Carnage Racing and knowing how and where to shift on a race track can help you clinch those 1st Place victories.

The first way to ‘Phase Shift’ is to pick up the power up. This puts a cannon on the roof of your car, which when fired spawns a portal that will shift you to the car the closest racer in front of you!

The second way to ‘Phase Shift’ is to charge up your ‘Phase Meter’. When the meter becomes full you’ll be able to get a free ‘Phase Shift’.

Unfortunately when using this it doesn’t generate a portal in front of you unless you’re in front of a ‘Portal Point’. You can see what these portals look like below.

I’ve brought a weapon upgrade that allows me to drop my weapon, but I can’t work out how I can use this upgrade!

Weapons can be dropped by pressing and holding the ‘F’ key, this will drop the weapon behind you and hit anyone un-expecting player behind you!

Note: It’s good to remember where you drop these. Else you can end up driving into your own weapon on a race track with more than one lap.

People ahead of me always seem to be able to phase shift more than me, how can I increase the amount my phase meter fills up?

To Increase your ‘Phase Shift Meter’ you can earn trick points. Trick points can only be obtained while you are in the air. When you land you’ll receive a big boost to your phase shift meter. The longer you’re in the air and the more tricks you do will increase the boost you receive.

So how do I do tricks?

The Spin

The first trick you’ll probably come across! While in the air press release all keys and hold the ‘A’ or ‘D’ Key this will spin your car depending left or right depending on the key you use. (Left or Right arrows if you are using the arrow keys)

The Barrel Roll

To perform a barrel roll, double-tap the ‘A’ or ‘D’. Then release the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to allow the vehicle automatic orientation. (Left or Right arrows if you are using the arrow keys)

The Flip

The flip is a risky manoeuvre but used at the right time, in the right place it can do wonders for your phase shift meter! For this one you have to completely release the controls before you can do the trick.

Once in the air release the keys and either press the ‘W’ key to power in the gas or press ‘S’ to slam on those breaks. As long you’ve got enough hit your car will be able to do a complete 360° flip! (Up or Down arrows if you are using the arrow keys)

You key presses should look something like this!

Here are the above stunts in action:

Hopefully some of these hints and tips will help you cause more carnage on our race tracks!

If you have any of your own tips that you’d like to share please be sure to post them below.

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