Broken Realm Basic Features Guide

Broken Realm Basic Features Guide by ShadowGammaDraco

Events are very good to participate in and provide a lot of beneficial XP, Gold, Items and many other things.

The quest system will always often take you to where you need to go and also where to find certain items if they are required as well.

Front Line Report: very simple an straight forward quest, just keep auto following to next NPC.
XP &gold is level based. Also gain coupons&Skeleton Keys for each round completed
After doing your first 5 rounds finished each day you will gain double rewards
Often best to save until almost reset when you’ve leveled as much as possible to earn even more

Forbidden Iceland: If you’ve ever done bath in crystal saga- just imagine apocalyptic version.
If you haven’t done crystal saga bath before, a mystic item causes harm&gives large XP.
The item is under ground emanating energy, upon entering and activating
each member will receive a Regen buff that takes care of stuff for you. Just have to stay close
to your team mates and share the buff’s AOE heal+avoid getting extra damage from AOE strikes

Battle for Guild Resources: at first you wont be able to go anywhere once you enter if enter right away
you will see a system message saying new parts have just opened up in chat once they do.
Each new section that opens up provides access to a slightly stronger mob then lastly a boss.
As such when the monsters get stronger the drops for guild resources get better.
Remember to Turn in your Meteorlites BEFORE the event ends once event ends so does turn in

Monster Rebellion:
It is a Amazing thing, don’t let it pass you by.. this is usually one I would use
a time scroll on to speed up since it req a decent chunk of kills. The reward is a large chunk of
level based xp, and also a chance for morph crystals, Complete 3x in one day and its yours!
This feature unlocks at level 32
*bonus to quest, chance of magic scroll which will help gain wisdom items easier

Item Delivery; You take precious cargo to troops in the field. At certain spots close to location mobs usually spawn to try giving you a hard time, movement speed is lowered when delivering. relatively easy and straight forward. click auto pilot then watch for mobs.

Spirit Stone tips; Always keep Green + equip to recycle for grade 6 spirit shards and better
They can be Synthesized into Gem packs for Better and varying types of spirit stones.
Spirit is required to level up spirit stones, so don’t waste your starting spirit from pots or from grinding,
best to save it up and when can recycle items an get a better spirit stone to invest into that one.

Forge; feature in basic form is learned by quest chain at NPC Hunting Expert

Recycling Equipment; is a feature you will learn from questing, The npc is called strategy officer

its located in same section as enchanting i.e forge window

Enchanting; At level 18 you will be introduced to the enchant system

enchant crystals can be bought from item shop, they don’t drop from low level mobs or regular mobs on world map like crystal saga.

you’ll be switching armors a lot starting out especially when grinding an find some juicy drops, if enchant starting out just do +1-4

Mount: you will gain your first mount at level 15
detailed mount list showing more mounts

Military Rank: this will also unlock at 15, you talk to field commander in Everglades
if you want to move to next promotion rank, first few times is done auto by quest.

Wisdom: Forgotten skulls can be obtained through coupons and crystal shop which is what you will need as last item once used enough of the basic required item then once used required amount of forgotten skulls will move to next area requiring a new item to do similar. The benefits of it are nice as it increases your stats.

Pet Taming:

small Pet-List


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