Arcane Empires Second City Info and Tips

Arcane Empires Second City Info and Tips by Jennifer

Follow the recommended Missions to assist with building your Second City. Once you have reached the recommended Mission to start building your Second City, you can use these guidelines to help you with your Colony’s Expansion:

Reach Level 7 or Higher
Level up to at least Player Level 7 to begin expanding your Colony!

Control a Barren Isle on the Map
Go to the Map view to find a Barren Isle that you wish to build your 2nd City on. It does not matter what level the Barren Isle is. Attack and conquer the Barren Isle. Once you have gained control of the Barren Isle you wish to build your City on, you can start building your City!

Obtain a Second City Plan
There are two ways in which you can obtain a Second City Plan:

– Second City Plans are available for purchase in the Miscellaneous section of the Shop. You can also purchase the Second City Plans Package which contains helpful items so you can get a jump-start at building your Second City.

2. Earn for FREE by hunting for Relics:
You can hunt for Relics by successfully attacking level 6-10 Imperial Forts, you are more likely to find Relics in higher level Imperial Forts. You will need a total of 50 Relics to to claim a Second City Plan.

Build a Arcane Spire
The Arcane Spire holds Relics found through attacking Imperial Forts. The Arcane Spire is only available in your First City and cannot be destroyed or deconstructed. You Must Build the Arcane Spire if you want to earn your Second City Plan. Without the Arcane Spire, you can’t collect the Relics needed for the Second City Plan.

Relic Hunting Tips!

  • Increase your chances of winning a relic by waiting an hour between Imperial Fort attacks. It takes an hour for a Imperial Fort to fully regenerate it’s troops and relic drop rate. If the Imperial Fort does not have all of its Troops (meaning it has been attacked in the last hour), you will have a lower chance of winning a Relic.
  • You Must Build the Arcane Spire: Without the Arcane Spire you can’t collect the Relics.
  • Keep attacking Imperial Forts but do not attack the same Imperial Forts over and over again. Only attack each individual Fort about once an hour
  • Attack with 1 wave of troops at a time
  • Make sure you are attacking the right level of Imperial Forts. Relics are only available in level 6-10 Imperial Forts. Be sure you are hunting in the right place.
  • The chance of a Relic drop increases with the level of the Imperial Fort
  • Please note that these Relics will not always be awarded
  • Don’t get discouraged if you do not find Relics immediately
  • Upgrading the Arcane Spire will increase the percentage of dropped Relics in Islands and Imperial Forts.
  • Remember, if you don’t want to search for Relics, you can buy city deeds and chests from the Shop!

Are you in need of help hunting for Relics? Head over to the Shop and get a Mystery Relic Chest now! Open it and you’ll be guaranteed to receive anywhere from 5 to 10 Relics with a chance to win the Second City Plan! 

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