The Secret World Defeat Gatekeeper as DPS Guide

The Secret World Defeat Gatekeeper as DPS Guide by trucane

So I just did it after trying for a bit over an hour.

I did it as a Elementalist/Shotgun spec and without perfect gear ( I have 2 green ql 10s that brings down my AR)

This is the skills I had equipped and used:

Magnetic Wipe
Raging bullet
Flame Strike
Short Fuse
Coldwave ( never used)
Point blank

Violent Strikes
Social Dynamo
Elemental Force
Elemental precision
Live Wire


1st Phase

This is where DPS is the most important. You need a good solid DPS and you will die if you can’t keep it up. If the boss kills you with “too slow” ( check combat log) you were too slow. This can be difficult especially since you have to run around a lot or do you? In fact you can stay in the center of the map and move in a small circle as long as you keep looking at the ground. This will maximise your dps since less time is spent running around and the raging bullet can do full damage.

2nd Phase

At a certain point ( ~45k HP) the gatekeeper will float up in the air raising his arms with some black stuff around them. Now you need to purge him within 5-6 seconds or you will get one shotted. After purging this attack he will be passive for a few seconds allowing you to focus on damage. Also in this phase the DPS check has stopped ( not 100% sure please comment if this is not the case) so while you should still maximize your DPS it’s not that important.

3rd Phase

This is were your adrenaline will most likely shoot the most, you can see him getting down to sub 20k HP and suddenly he does a new attack. Some people talk about interrupting this one but I haven’t succeeded. Either way he will channel a beam that will summon a minion after 2-3 seconds. This minion will one hit kill you if it get close to you ( it has pretty long range), my tactic was to move away as soon as you see the gatekeeper channeling and then just run around in a circle kiting the minion. The minion will disappear after 10-15 seconds. This minion is not immune to hindering effects so feel free to slow/root him if you can. After this the boss will wait a few seconds allowing some more almost free DPS before he channels another minion.
Keep at it till the boss is dead ( he shouldn’t have much HP when second minion pops)

Congrats! Hopefully you were able to kill him. Sorry I haven’t been able to post any pictures but as far as I know you cant fight him again and I’m pretty tired now so not gonna run back and check. Although here is at least proof that I defeated him so you can trust my short mini guide

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