Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Best Inferno Build Guide

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Best Inferno Build Guide by Cwild

This is obviously my opinion but as of right now I have completed the game on inferno.  I use this build for everything, from farming, to group play, I simply feel most comfortable with it.


I can’t get enough of jagged spikes.  On my gear I currently have 25% movement speed so most of the time I spend stutter stepping and kiting elites through my traps while firing off evasive fires or nether tents. Jagged spikes scales with your gear (obbviously) so when you get pretty decently geared laying 5 of them down in a row will bring elites to about half life pending affixes.  (My favorite ability and rune)

Evasive fire-  This skill is so underrated it’s not even funny.  I was a hungering arrow type of guy until about a week ago.  With the rune I use you fire off 3 shots in one (Looks similar to multi shot, although it only hits 3 targets)  Thing about this though, there is no travel time, it regens the most hatred, you get the bonus of backflipping if things get too close and the best part about it ——————it shoots through wallers.

If there is ever a waller mob the best thing that can happen to you is when they put the wall down, stand behind it and fire evasive fire.  They will shoot at you and it will get blocked by there wall and yours will go through.  The damage is good, its instant and it adds more aoe damage with your nether tents.  I have had much more success with it then hungering.

The rest of the skills are self explanatory on why I have them but I just wanted to shed some light for people who are having a hard time.  Just try it out and see what you think.  If it works for you or you learned something thats good enough for me.

Cheers friends

edit: I have about 80k dps without sharpshooter and 160k with it on.

Additional Changes by IncXeart

here’s my revision of your build:


1.) Evasive Fire = i kept your concept of evasive fire even though i’d rather have hungering arrows. i changed the rune to surge, because i want to save discipline and besides, NT already takes care of the crowd and DPS. this skill is now your fast kiting tool. takes practice to use this in tight corners though.

2.) NT = no doubt one of the best DH skills.

3.) Caltrops = changed the rune to bait the trap so it would have synergy with the passive skill Night Stalker

4.) SS = a default

5.) Preparation = i maintained your build. personally, id rather have Battle Scars rune for life.

6.)  rain of vengeance with stampede rune = your build does not have anything that stuns, so i added this as a skill that will get you away from tight situations.

7.) Night Stalker = i think your crits would count especially when you find yourself always back flipping with Evasive Fire

However, if you change evasive fire into hungering arrow, you can take out NS and go back to having Steady Aim on it

Additional Testing by Bludvein

I just tried this out. Evasive fire was better than I expected, but the backflip was a minus for me instead of a plus. Too many times the backflip put me in a bad spot, and of course it costs discipline. The 0 travel time and extra hatred per shot was nice, but I much prefer being able to shoot around corners. I didn’t come across any wallers to try it out against, but im not going to use a skill for a single affix that might pop up.

As for the mark, its obviously superior on bosses, but I preferred my bat for trash and elites. The time spent marking them more than negated the damage gain, and again consumed disc that was better spent on caltrops and SS. Also, it was awkward and I ended up forgetting to mark half the time.

I didn’t get to try Jagged spikes, because I had no other skills I was willing to do without.

For the record, im using

Elemental Arrow – NT
Hungering Arrow – Devouring
SS – Lingering Fog
Caltrops – Torturous Ground
Companion – Bat
Preparation – Backup Plan

For passives I use Tactical Advantage, Archery, and Steady Aim. I sometimes switch TA out to Sharpshooter, but I always go back in the end.

Not terribly original I know, but it works for me.

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