Diablo 3 Auction House Money Making Guide

Diablo 3 Auction House Money Making Guide by rollesroyce

IMO the AH is the most enjoyable feature of D3 at the moment for me.
I have invested some times and experimentation in the AH, and made some very good and bad purchases.


1: Dont ever buy something for market price… there are so many people that put items on the ah because the just want them to sell immediately. These people know they aren’t getting the best gold for there item… but proceed anyway because they either have a full AH and cant add any more items and simply want things to sell so they can keep things moving through, or just want the money asap. Usually these people will put on an item for say 10% cheaper than all the others. But what can happen is a combination of someone not knowing the true value of each individual stat on an item, combined with wanting a quick sale and u get people putting superior items on for cheaper than the worst items… specifically with legendary items. So basically i buy and trade legendary items. (note: the really cheap legendary can often be hard to make money off because they are decreasing in price and value daily). I usually buy the legendary items only in my field… with wizard stats, because i know the value of those items to me… and this helps me price them.

2. Look at the market for a few days before making a big purchase on a legendary. I made alot of money of buying and selling Andrial’s Visages in particular… because they are a valued legendary, but still expensive… the market swings a lot… this is what you want… some days they are 1.5 mill… other days no one is putting them up and they are 2 mill. I usually buy them on the cheap days and put them im my bank and keep checking the market for a day where i can resell for profit. I know i wont loose money off this… because im buying for under market value on a cheap day (i have even seen them as cheap as 600k-900K but u have gotta instant buyout or u miss them). Also don’t buy any legendary if there is only a few on the market… someone may have just put it up way over priced… look for legendaries with 10-15 of them on the market.

3. Don’t buy items that you wouldn’t use yourself… if u have a gut feeling that the item is a rip off don’t buy it. You will know when its going to make you money.

4. Don’t quit if u make a loss on an item… resell it… try and sell it in trade where u don’t pay an ah fee. My worst trade so far was buying an item for 750k and selling for 500k.

You will need at least a mill minimum to do this strat… so when u get a mill… try and restrain yourself from spending it immediately… because in 2-3 days you should be able to make 5 mill… and once u have 5 mill… you will never run out of money again.

I have never bought gold and don’t do farming… i only ever kill monsters with my friends for fun.
PS. sry for bad spelling/punctuation

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