SWTOR Useful Sith Warrior Datacrons List

SWTOR Useful Sith Warrior Datacrons List by tomshe

Shamelessly stealing the idea from the Bounty Hunter forum, let me know if I missed anything, the various matrix shards may or may not be useful to you depending on what relic you wish to craft.
Presence datacrons added as requested.





Dromund Kass





Nar Shaddaa





Imperial Fleet


Matrix Shard Combinations

To begin with, Matrix Cubes are items that can be used on the relic slots of your character and boost multiple stats. Matrix Shards come in four colors: red, blue, yellow and green. By using three Matrix Shards (in whatever combination of colors) you can create a Matrix Cube.

Currently, there are four tiers of Matrix cubes at levels 15, 24, 32 and 50 and it has been noticed that high level cubes are made from shards of same color, while lower levels from two or three color combinations.

Level 15

  • Blue, Yellow, Green = 11 Strength, 14 Endurance
  • Red, Blue, Yellow = 18 Strength, 8 Endurance

Level 24

  • Red, Yellow, Yellow = 19 Strength, 24 Endurance
  • Yellow, Blue, Blue = 19 Strength, 24 Endurance

Level 32

  • Yellow, Red, Red = 29 Strength, 33 Endurance
  • Yellow, Green, Green = 29 Strength, 33 Endurance

Level 50

  • Green, Green, Green = 58 Strength, 50 Endurance, 24 Critical
  • Yellow, Yellow, Yellow = 52 Strength, 60 Endurance, 18 Defense

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