Rise of Immortals Terms and Game Mechanics Guide

Rise of Immortals Terms and Game Mechanics Guide by Kyo

Prestige Points AKA Blue Coins (PP) – gained through playing games.

Petroglyph Coins AKA Purple Coins (PC) – gained through buying in-game currency with real money.

Both types of coins can be obtained through events supported by Petroglyph.

Life Steal – restores a portion of your health based on attack damage dealt. Critical strikes affect this. Cannot restore above 100% health.

Spirit Vamp – restores a portion of your mana based on attack damage dealt. Critical strikes affect this. Cannot restore above 100% mana.

RoI is unique in the sense that all immortal deal either physical or magical attack damage. This means that some immortal will deal physical damage when attacking and others will deal magical damage. In order to build efficiently against your enemy you need to know this if you’re getting defensive items in order to know which items are going to benefit you the most.

Physical attack damage dealers (not including abilities) – minions, Balak, Nyssus, Kaos, Tzai, Talia, Kyrie, Psychozen, Ichorr, Aislynn, Trovoc and Scorpix.

Magical attack damage dealers (not including abilities) – turrets/towers, Tatiana, Lazarus, Ukkonen, Vezin, Netheurgist and Kavashiir.

Some immortals do a lot of both kinds of damage when you include their abilities. Nyssus and Tzai are both examples of being able to do both magic and physical damage. While their attack damage remains physical they do have abilities that deal magic damage.

Armor Penetration – the amount of armor ignored when dealing physical damage. Armor cannot go below 0.

Magic Resistance Penetration – the amount of magic resistance ignored when dealing magic damage. Magic resistance cannot go below 0.

Flat armor- and magic resistance penetration is substracted before percentage armor- and magic resistance penetration.

Creep Kills – this is one of the most important things in a MOBA. Getting creep kills will allow you to gain gold. You get 2 gold/sec in RoI but if you get a creep kill you get an extra 25 gold! As there are 6 creeps in total per creep wave that means that you can get 150 gold per creep wave if you get all the creep kills in a wave.

Last Hitting – this is how you get the creep kills that you want! Getting the last hit on a creep will give you the bounty for killing it. This means that in order to get creep kills and thus in order to gain farm you need to last hit. This takes a lot of practice to get used to but once you learn it, it will become a habit and you will find it easy and maybe even fun!

Ways to last hit easier: moving around or pressing “S” to hold position and not attack or take any action while waiting for a creep to get low enough for you to kill is a very good idea. But be aware that the enemy might harrass you so moving around is usually better for throwing off the enemy. Be careful that you don’t end up auto-attacking so much that you don’t get the last hit. A way to avoid this would be to press “T” to disable auto-attack. If you have critical strike chance you don’t want to be auto-attacking since getting a critical strike might ruin the creep kill for you.

How to keep the lane – a lot of people will just auto-attack and push the lane. You want to auto-attack in order to balance out the speed at which the enemy is pushing. If you have no enemy on your lane you have no reason to auto-attack to push. Try to ensure that you get all the creep kills but try not to get the creeps to reach your tower unless you have the damage or the accuracy to get the creep kills despite the high tower damage.

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