Jagged Alliance Online PvP Tips and Tricks

Jagged Alliance Online PvP Tips and Tricks by wonderhero

1. Standing up increase your merc’s perception with 3 titles (steps), but makes him more exposed.

2. The maximum (FoV) distance to spot an enemy is 19 titles, no matter how much perception your unit has.

3. Train at least 1 mercenary in only Perception & Dexterity. Don’t lose him otherwise you have great chance to lose the game.
The higher Per+Dex your merc have, the more chance he has of spotting the enemy first.

4. If you can, first time, try to eliminate your opponent merc with higher Perception (scout/sniper).

5. Your merc always can interrupt any enemy unit, in close range (1-5 steps) even if your merc has very low stats (reflection , perception, dexterity etc).

6. Use stealth mode how much you can. Running expose your merc to be easy interrupted even from long distance.

7. Once your mercenary is spotted, the only way to make him unseen again, is to hide or retreat him making more steps back and wait for the next turn.

8. Cover objects give protection bonus only for body, not head. Most of players use headshots.

9. Create your merc team to be versatile. Every class have its strengths and weaknesses. Never go “Rambo”, both in PvP and PvE. Use your merc in pairs.
ex.: you can use Soldier or Gunner in pair with Sniper or Scout – first acting as a “tank” focusing enemy fire – second as far range or flanking support.

10. Interrupting depends only on your reflex, enemy stance, your stance and distance between your merc and opponent merc. Has no relation with enemy stats (reflex). No matter what reflex opponent has.
As we now interrupting is applied after you spot the enemy. So it is not directly related to enemy dexterity or your perception.
The chance of interrupting decrease over distance. At 1 step distance the merc has almost 90% chance to interrupt even he has only 10 reflex.
More than that, regarding point 5, both mercs are ducked (crawled).

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