Shadow Cities Reduce Crash and Lag Guide

Shadow Cities Reduce Crash and Lag Guide by Justin

Two days ago, I wondered, how come I fall asleep on SC and I never crash? I suspected that of the Action Level. The action level is the amount of “action” on your screen that you see. At
1.Many stuff is going on your screen = high probability of either crash and/or lag
examples: spider battles, large amount of structures, large battles, or chat

2.If not much action is going on at your screen = lower probability of lag and crash
examples: not spirit fights, no casting, just sitting there

I have done research pf how chat affected overall gameplay stability. Here are my results:
-3/3 excellent wifi bar connection
-opened chat twice in the 1 hour
-never crashed in an hour
-experienced short-term lag 3 times
-solo leapfrog about 2 miles on my own when I eventually destroyed 3 doms
-action took place at my friends 7 month old beacon
-iPod Touch 4G user
-took place @ ~8:00pm to ~9:00pm PST
And once I looked into these, I gave a rating of 1-10 of how it was reduced, to my surprise, I gave it 9.3 of 10
Here is my conclusion:
“Without the use of opening the chat bar, lag and crash are severely reduced by ~93%. When the activity on your screen is low, lag and crash has a lower probability to happen. But chat right after, lag is increased you need to exit the app”

After my research of how chat can contribute to lag, my newsfeed was extremely long, I started chatting and Shadowcities froze. I had to exit after. So please DON’T WHINE about stability, use this technique and more research will be founded later

Many thanks to my green friends that supported me!!

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