TERA Online Pandora’s Box Guide

TERA Online Pandora’s Box Guide by bygeorge

Pandora’s Box allows you to gamble crafting materials, potentially increasing the number of the materials gambled. However there is also a chance for it to fail, and the materials could be destroyed or there could be no changes.

It is difficult to tell the success rate for using the box. One person said that that he was never able to multiply his materials, and 80% of the times he tried, the materials were destroyed. Someone else said that he only had his materials destroyed 2/10 times.

Pandora’s Box is only usable when you are resting around a campfire and have 100% stamina.

There are 3 different types of Pandora’s Boxes
These boxes can either be bought in stores, or found as drops from killing monsters.

Quantity Increase – Can double the amount of crafting materials that you put in

Crystal Transformation – Can increase the quality of an enhancement crystal

Material Transformation – Can convert a crafting material into a higher quality version.

This window will appear when you use a box.

If it fails the materials are destroyed or there could be no changes to the materials.

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