Tibia Mini World Changes List

Tibia Mini World Changes List by Neanderthal

Bank Robbery

This change affects the banks of Ab’Dendriel, Carlin, Thais and Venore.
From time to time thieves will rob the Banks of Tibia and the bankers will ask you for help. In order to restore the Bank’s functionality you will have to find and fight the thieves and bring back the bags of stolen money for a small reward.
During this time it’s possible to get the achievement Honest Finder.


This change happens in the Green Claw Swamp.
Strange things occur in the swamps of Venore. Wyda seems to be very bored. She will react completely different and will be happy if you bring her some Blood Herbs.

Down the Drain Edit

This change is to the south of Outlaw Camp.
A new island becomes accessible containing a spawn of Water Elementals.

Fire from the Earth

The Hellgore volcano erupts on the Forbidden Island of Goroma.
Stronger creatures will appear inside de volcano, including Demons and Hellfire Fighters.
During this time it’s possible to get the achievement Fire from the Earth.


This change happens in Thais.
The city of Thais will be decorated and NPCs will also talk to you differently. Raids will also occur in the Knight’s Guild area.


This change happens somewhere in the forests between Ab’Dendriel and Carlin.
Sometimes the trees north of Carlin are deforested by Chip the lumberjack. He will buy pieces of wood for 50 gp. The Queen of Carlin will not be very amused about that.

Noodles is Gone

Noodles, who lives in the King’s throneroom some times disappears. King Tibianus will hand out a dog collar to bring him back. Noodles can be found on several places in Tibia, find him and get the reward from the King. If we are lucky a dog lady might appear some day.

Noodles possible locations:
-Beach close to the Minotaur Leather Quest, south of Thais


Sometimes the Nomads will settle down at four different places in the desert of Ankrahmun. In their camps you may find some treasures.

Oriental Trader

A Trader named Yasir will travel to the harbours of the towns Ankrahmun, Carlin and Liberty Bay. During this time you are able to trade all sorts of Creature Products with him.

River Runs Deep

The dried up river in the Zao Steppe will begin to flood. During this time you will have the chance to catch the Sandfish.
When fishing a Sandfish you will earn the achievement Desert Fisher.


This change happens in the jungle of Tiquanda, south of Banuta.
For one day you can find Terrified Elephants that may drop Elephant Tusks.
During this time you are able to get the achievement Trail of the Ape God.


The plains north of Svargrond will begin to melt while grass and other plants start to grow.
During this time, you will have to chance to collect special seeds in which you can grow new plants.

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