Risk Factions Facebook Currency and Items FAQ

Risk Factions Facebook Currency and Items FAQ by Bevypoo

How do I earn RISK Coins?

You can earn coins by successfully attacking your enemy’s territories as well as visiting your ally’s base. You can also convert RISK Stars into Coins by clicking the + button next to the Coin Counter. They are used to train troops, purchase buildings, and more.

How do I get RISK Stars?

RISK Stars can be purchased with Facebook credits, Pay Pal, credit cards, debit cards, mobile, trial pay and can occasionally be won with the Prize-O-Matic. You can purchase RISK Stars by clicking on the + button located next to the RISK Stars Counter on at the top of the screen.

What are RISK Cards?

RISK Cards are tokens that you need for Special Weapons. Each weapon requires a certain number of cards to deploy it. Every time you capture a territory you get a card. You will be presented with three cards that have anywhere between one and three tokens on them. The cards are flipped and shuffled, which you then get to select one at random. If you want a chance to get a different card you can reveal the second card for one RISK Star and the third card for two RISK Stars.

What are these items I am collecting used for?

There are items, such as Gunpowder, Carrots and Sticks, which you collect by attacking on the map or asking your friends. They are also purchasable with RISK Stars. These items are used to unlock Tech and in turn, improve your faction.

How do I find gifts I have received?

When you accept a gift, it will be deposited into your Inventory. Click on the bag labeled “Inventory” in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up your current inventory. There are three click-able tabs at the top of the page. The “Buildings” tab holds buildings and decorations, the “Parts” tab holds items that help you build tech, and the “Resources” tab holds things like soldiers.

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