Fantasy Tennis Battlemon Controller Guide

Fantasy Tennis Battlemon Controller Guide by UserJm3073

For all those who want to know how the Battlmon Controller works exactly, and whether it’s worth, I’ll write one embodiment Topic. For errors, improvements and / or opinions in here like you can post.

1. Rumors:
It is NOT possible, where and how it proposes to determine the Battlemon DIRECTLY to tax or to a ball. One can only determine where the Battlemon will stay on the field.

2. Steering:
For the controller, there are 4 buttons for FORWARD, BACKWARD, turn LEFT and RIGHT. Once be a key (configurable in Settings expresses the character selection or in the Main Menu), a green box flashes briefly on the field. ONLY in this field will move the Battlemon from now on and ACCEPT ONLY there balls. You can of course bring the Battlemon reflected in the “normal” so as not Battlemon Controller by dialing the field in the middle, and then press left or right. Now the playing field should briefly illuminate. It can, moreover, the fields are not directly selected, but only one field to the front one by one left, etc.

3. Errors and bugs:
Unfortunately, there are some bugs in Battlmon Controller: In the last field in the back takes the Battlemon not each ball. Since there are very often simply stops and lets the ball pass. In the field at the front and it happens that the Battlemon after a ball is lost, for a few seconds, just to the left or go right and just not take part in the game. But Applies only to the Battle Mode.

Tips and tricks:
View by position from front to back, the position (left to right, u can safely be neglected because they have no advantage over the “normal position” have).
The front of the net: The most popular item because Battlemon plays from there, praise the very difficult to calculate. From lvl26 by Pikaro, and lvl21 for any other Battlemons, play they the balls directly. These are significantly stronger than the normal- or charge balls.
middle position: In this position, the Battlemon plays much less praise, but more normal ball. Besides these increases the chance that it will praise the adversary in the middle of the right to blare.
Penultimate position at the rear: Game for those who love the front of the net, it has the advantage that they themselves also can go backwards (eg praise to ward off) without the Battlemon against going forward. In addition, the Battlemon very hard with praise, and hardly with normal balls, to defeat. This applies especially for Poteko, because it is ideal because of its speed for it.

sincerely, UserJm3073

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