Crystal Saga AFK Mode Basic Guide

Crystal Saga AFK Mode Basic Guide by Gazuntai

I keep being asked questions about how to use AFK Mode for different things and I can’t find a guide on here (probably because you can’t search for “AFK mode” on forum) so I decided to make one.

First off, AFK Mode (Away from Keyboard) is, as the name suggests, for allowing you to grind (level up through attacking monsters) when you can’t be at the computer.

AFK Window Basics (Colour co-ordinated):


This is the Monsters you will be targetting. Clicking on the “Tick” next to the monsters name means your character won’t attack that monster when he/she is in AFK Mode. Click it again to make your character start attacking them again.

The “Refresh” button refreshes the Monster list incase you move and the monsters on the list are no longer around you.

The “Radius: 3 Screen(s)” scroll is to change the distance your character will run, from the place you started your AFK Mode, to attack a monster.

Yellow (Yellow):

The squares on the right half of the box are to place your Potions and Healing skills into. The top 2 are for your own HP and MP and the bottom 2 are for your pets HP and MP.

“HP < 60% Use [U]” means that when your HP drops below 60% you will use the Potion or Healing skill you put into the first box. The second boxes are to put extra potions for when the first ones run out.

If you have used a Health/Mana Orb and you don’t want to waste it, make sure the % is around 60%. If you want to use the Health/Mana Orb put the % to 40%.

As for the Monster list, clicking the “Ticks” on the left means your character won’t use the Potion or Healing skill when your HP drops below the assigned %. Reclicking will make them use them again.

Potions only stack up to 250.


This is where you put the skills you want your character to use.

Your character will continuously spam the skills you put in here until the cooldown is finished.


The big boxes are to put items you want your character to use which aren’t potions.

The smaller boxes are to put the amount of numbers after enabling AFK Mode it will take for your character to use said item.

Example: If you put 20 into the smaller box and put an Elixer (Stat boosting item) into the biggest box, your character will use that item after 20 minutes.

Light Blue:

Nothing much to say here except that Auto-buy means your character will buy more of said items when you run out of them.

Dark Blue:

Loot All means you will loot everything that drops, no matter the colour.

Loot Equipment is to determine what colour of items you want to pick up. Green+ means you will only pick up Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Blue+ means Blue, Yellow and Pink. Yellow means… well, you get it.

Loot Items is pretty much the same as above.

I usually leave Equipment on Gold+ and Items on All because being filled with useless Equipment means you will stop collecting stackable items when your inventory becomes full.


This is just telling you how much time you have left to AFK.

You gain 1 hour of Bonus Time every day. This doesn’t stack, so you can’t keep it for the next day so you have 2 hours.

You can buy AFK cards from the Cash Shop, from other players or get them from the Dragon Hunt to increase your Remaining Time. /ignoreseventones



You can press Period “.” to enable and disable AFK mode.

You enter AFK Protection mode while in Peace Mode after 1 minute.

AFK Protection also won’t kick in if you’re in any other Mode. People in Justice, Party, Guild or Evil Mode are exempt from AFK Protection. They also don’t receive AFK Protection if they have a Pk Level greater than 0, even in Peace Mode.

Healing someone in AFK mode:

If you target whoever you want to heal, put the Healing skill into your Skills section and click AFK your character will spam heal that person. Only issue is that you can’t heal other people or yourself while doing this.

Using AFK mode to protect yourself:

If you are about to be attacked and don’t want to fight back then make sure you are in Peace Mode, enable AFK mode and try and heal yourself enough to last 1 minute and then they won’t be able to kill you.

I usually grind in AFK mode as I can’t be bothered being attacked by other players.

Teleporting back to town:

Insert a Town Portal Scroll into the Item usage section and set the time for 5 minutes before you run out of AFK time. This will teleport you back so you won’t die after your AFK mode runs out.

That’s about it. Now I can direct people/guildies to this instead of repeating it every day. :x Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

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