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Supremacy 1914 Technical Frequently Asked Questions by Various

How do I open the Java Console to report errors?

When you report bugs or have problems connecting, it is always helpful if you attach the output of your Java console.

Open your Java console:
When the game is running, right-click on the “Java (TM) Plattform Standard Edition” icon in your task bar. These are the little icons on the bottom right of your desktop.
If the icon is not visible, you find it by pressing the up error.
The icon looks like a blue cup of coffee on a white background –>

After the right-click, select “… open console”.

When the error or problem occurs, copy the content of the console to your clipboard and attach it to your post in the bug forum.

If there is no such symbol in your task bar, You can always open that console as follows:
Start-> Run…-> type “javaws -viewer” and hit ok -> Java Control Panel -> “Advanced” Tab -> Show Java console

For windows 7 and vista users, you can access the Java control panel via the Control Panel screen of your computer.
In the Java control panel select the advanced tab, select Java console from the list and then select the option for show console. After which you can open your game and the console should automatically appear.

How do I find an open game on the 30 player map?

Click on “The Games”, then “Show Expert Filter”

In the scenario dropdown, choose “The Great War” and voila, you’ll get a list of open rounds with the 30 player map. (Of course you can adjust the different settings if you’re looking e.g. for rounds with Elite AI.)

Always remember: Playing the map does not cost any Goldmarks unless it is being played with enabled goldfeatues.
If there is no non-gold round in the list but you want to play one, hit the “Create new game” button and create it.

What does -Please don’t open multiple…- mean?

If you get this error while starting a game you have most probably downloaded the start file, saved it locally and are trying to execute it.

That will only work once.

The working way to start the game is:

  • Log in to
  • In your “User Menu” click on “My Games”
  • Click the play button of the corresponding game.

It is advised, that you do not download the file but instead launch it directly by selecting “Open with Java Webstart” and marking the check box “always choose this action for this filetype”.

Why this?
The downloaded file contains a login password for the round you’re trying to get in. If it wouldn’t contain such a password we would have to ask you every time you open the game. For security reasons, the password will only work once (Otherwise everyone who gets access to that file could use it permanently to log in to your games). So if you try to use the same downloaded file twice for logging in to the round, it will not work.

Have fun playing!

How to play Supremacy 1914 on Mac OS X?

After installing the latest automatic update for java on Mac OS X Leopard (including Java 1.6 and above), the game did not launch anymore from Safari or any other browser. Instead, the .jnlp file was displayed in TextEdit or DashCode (in confusing text of the programmers language, useless to average players :P). As when clicked upon “Play” to commence a supremacy 1914 game to open, you are presented with a pop-up box that asks you:
What program would you like to use to open index.php?
The Default is TEXTEDIT, obviously not that right one, to solve this problem

Go to your Home Folder: Library: Caches: Java
add in the text up in one of the first lines after it has the date
(#Aug 10 blah blah)
add deployment.javapi.jre.1.5.0.args=-Xmx256m -Xms64m
(numbers are min and max)
then click close and hit Save!
now it should run in SAFARI, no other browser will work. only Safari. for more detailed instructions visit:

you may also check out;_mmforum_pi1[action]=list_post&tx;_mmforum_pi1[tid]=22265

as this is also another problem that happens.

How do I report inappropriate behaviour / players who have violated the terms and conditions?

For starters here the link to

1) the terms & conditions and
2) the forum rules which also apply to ingame behavior.

So what can you do if someone violates these rules?

To make this game fun for everyone: Please report people who violate the rules!


Here in the forum, there are enough moderators reading the posts so it is not really necessary to take any action. We will find and delete inappropriate content very fast.

Daily European Newspaper
Simply perform a right+click on any article (even anonymous) article and select “Report player” from the context menu. State a good reason why you report that article, click send, and you’re done.

Personal ingame messages
Go to your communications area and perform a right click on the message in the list of messages on the left. Then commence like in the newspaper.

Government declarations, avatars, or used flags
Go to the “Department of Foreign Affairs” and perform the right click on the table row that will show the profile of the to be reported player. Then do as in the newspaper.

How do I make a clean install of Java?

In some rare cases, it might be necessary to completely remove Java from your system and re-install it.

Access the control panel via the Start Menu.

Click into Programs & Features or Add/Remove Programs or Programs – depending on your OS – and select to uninstall programs.

Once the list of programs has loaded (may take a while), scroll down to find Java.
It will look something like this: Java(TM) 6 Update 23
You may have multiple Java versions installed.

Uninstall it, then go to the Java homepage to download the latest version.

My medal/badge/ribbon doesn’t show up in my Service Record… Why?

First of all, make sure that your game was ranked.
If a game is ranked, the Daily European will contain a note saying that it is ranked just below the “Points needed to win this round.” message. It will also say if a game is ranked if you look at the details on the game in the My Games page.
It is impossible to gain medals, badges or ribbons in unranked games.

For a game to be ranked, the following conditions must hold:

  • Anti-Cheat system has to be switched on.
  • At least 6 human players must have logged in (or 2 for a gold round).


  • All kill requirements for medals must be against active human opponents (Elite AI does not count for medals!).
  • Kill counters for all medals are accumulative, meaning that kills scored in any game will add to the total requirement.


In order to obtain the next level badge (basic, expert or elite), a user must have completed all 3 requirements at any given time. With this said, it is easiest to first gain the non italic requirements as once they have been achieved they will never disappear. The italic requirements however will reset at the end of day 45, unless you have the other requirements met to successfully advance to the next badge level.

  • All kill requirements for badges must be against active human opponents (Elite AI does not count for badges!).
  • Requirements in italics must be met in one single round. Kills from other rounds will not add to your total.
  • Requirements in italics must also be met by day 45.
  • Requirements that aren’t in italics are accumulative from all of your ranked games and will not reset.


  • All kill requirements for ribbons must be against active human opponents (Elite AI does not count for ribbons!).

Notes regarding the Economic Dominance ribbon;

  • You must have built at least 500 province upgrades. Upgrades that were captured or repaired do not count.
  • You have to win the round via the set victory condition (no retirement).

The website layout/functions are suddenly broken. How do I clear my browser cache?

If some parts of the website do suddenly look strange or do not work as expected any more, it might well be that we have updated parts of the game without your browser noticing the changes.

In that situation, you can tell your browser to really reload the page from our server by telling it to clear the so called browser cache.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Internet Explorer 6:
Tools -> Internet Options -> In area “temporary files”: Delete files

Internet Explorer 7:
Tools -> Delete Browsing History -> Next to “Temporary Internet Files”: Delete files.

Internet Explorer 8:
From the Safety menu in the upper right, click Delete Browsing History… .
Check Temporary Internet files, and Cookies and then click Delete.

Firefox 3:
Tools -> Clear Private Data… -> check Cache and Cookies -> Clear Private Data Now.

Firefox 3.5:
Tools -> Clear Recent History… -> in the dropdown box select “all” -> Clear Now

Click the wrench on the top right -> Clear browsing data -> check “clear cache” -> Clear browsing data

Tools -> delete private data -> delete

How do I turn off java hardware acceleration?

Very rarely java built in hardware acceleration (HA) can lead to problems, especially on low-budget graphics chips and/or old/buggy drivers. So before turning off HA make sure you have the latest drivers installed which might already solve the problem. If it does not, here’s how to turn HA off: Control Panel -> Java Control Panel -> Java. Press the button ‘Show’, then double click in the field ‘Runtime-Parameter’ and type or paste in: -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true

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