Maegica Online Heroes and Troops Guide

Maegica Online Heroes and Troops Guide by admin

How to best equip your heroes?

Before I tell you the trick, you need to have a little understand of the following tech-terms first.
Physical: Affects your hero’s physical attack and defense
Technique: Affects the attack and defense of your hero’s special ability
Maegic: Affects your hero’s magical attack and defense

Troop type

Check the pink box. If your troop has special abilities, like Hero Yun, his special ability is Heroic Blow, which means the hero only perform best when he got Technique related equipments, that is Mount equipment.
Check Shop(see below) and you can see equipments in Mount are all for this hero’s best.

Troop type

check the hero above, and you can see this hero has no special abilities. Then check words under the hero. It says its troop type is Ballistae. In future, if you don’t see  words containing “Mages” and also don’t see special abilities, then your hero best perform with Physical related equipments.
You can find Physical related equipments in Weapon–>Shop (Check Below)

Troop type

See the spot of troop type, you can see Mages there, which means the hero performs best when he’s equipped with Magic related items.
You can find Magic related item which is Insignia in Shop. Check below.

Good luck my lord. With the knowledge, you will never be defeated.

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