Xotic Pro Tips

Xotic Pro Tips by Pyronious

  1. Learn how to ride holograms. Deploy a hard hologram (default key: TAB) while in mid-air to land on it – then immediately jump again. This gives you incredible freedom to move around the level at will. Try combining this with the FLIGHT powerup for maximum freedom of movement!
  2. Learn to keep your terraform chain alive. That’s the meter in the upper-left corner of the screen. Keep shooting scab plants to keep the meter full and maintain your point multiplier. Complete a level in a single chain for the PERFECT CHAIN bonus!
  3. Complete the level goals with an active point multiplier powerup (x2 or x3) to maximize their point potential. There are three primary goals in each level:
    — Terraform Complete (25,000 points: shoot all the red scab plants)
    — Orb Essence Eliminated (25,000 points: pick up all orange, yellow and purple Orb Essence)
    — All Orb Brains Discovered (25,000 points: shoot all the glowing Orb Brains)
  4. Play in Hard mode. All points are multiplied by x3 during the tally phase in the hardest difficulty mode.
  5. Watch your crosshair. The red arrow points to the closest enemy. Defeat all the enemies in each level to open the exit portal.
  6. Bonus Levels: In the bonus levels, there are no enemies. To open the exit portal, complete the three level goals.
  7. Practice, practice, practice. The first few times through a level you’ll just need to learn where things are. Start formulating a route that builds your chains and maximizes your point bonuses. Now perfect it and make it faster. Every point counts!

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