Team Fortress 2 Starter Tips

Team Fortress 2 Starter Tips by HwoDragon

Class outlines
Scout– The scout has one of the simpler loadouts, armed with only a shotgun, a pistol, and a bat. He has the special ability to double jump, and also has a fast walkspeed and double capture rate. He also has the lowest health, so the idea is to GET IN and GET OUT.

Soldier– The soldier carries a rocket launcher. After the demoman, he has the best explosives. He also has the second highest health, with 200, 300 when buffed by a medic. One of the dangers of playing soldier, often nicknamed Solly, is self damage. You can bring yourself from full health to dead in 3 shots, so use the shotgun for close range combat.

Pyro– Often regarded as a noob’s class, the pyro is nevertheless a valuable player. He can flame teammates to spycheck them and his airblasts are capable of nulling an ubercharge by separating the target from their medic. They can also reflect enemy projectile shots back for minicrits.

Demoman– A vital member of the team, the demoman’s grenade launcher and stickybombs can kill enemy sentries with ease, and they can also play defensively by coating chock points with stickies (3 kills most classes)

Heavy– An iconic class, the heavy’s minigun is great for making a slow offensive push or protecting a point. Your greatest enemies are the spy and sniper, who are capable of abruptly and messily ending your killing spree. Fire a couple shots at nearby teammates to spycheck them, and watch the walls and floor around you for telltale sniper dots. Team up with a medic for best results

The engineer is a very vital addition to any team. On bigger teams, it’s best to have 2+ engies. An engineer’s sentry is easy to use because it locks on to enemies. Save for lvl 1’s, it is almost impossible for even scouts to circumvent. Spies can very quickly ruin your plans, though, with a quick stab and a sap. Try to get a pyro to guard your buildings. They can also have a homewrecker which will remove a sentry in a single hit, instead of your 2 hits.

Sniper– One of the hardest classes to play, snipers depend on precision and accuracy. They are huge spy targets, so the Razorback makes a great addition to any sniper’s loadout. It’s your job to take down heavy-medic pairs.

Medic– If you don’t have a medic, you may find it very difficult to stay alive. Medics can quickly heal hurt targets, and make a choice player, or even themselves, invulnerable for 8 seconds.

Spy-Another very dangerous class. The spy as capable of backstabbing a target for an instant kill. Their sappers can destroy enemy sentries without firing a shot. they can cloak out of view or disguise as an enemy. *Important note- Disguises will remain after placing a sapper.*

Good items to have:
Scout: The Force a Nature can give you a third jump, by firing at the ground while in midair. It can also blast enemy classes that would normally be difficult to take down into pitfalls or off of Control Points. However, it is more difficult to use then the default scattergun, because the knockback can make enemies hard to hit. The Bonk! Atomic Punch is also a great item. It will make you invulnerable to any damage at all for a few seconds. You will not be able to fire during this period, however. Bonk scouts can distract enemy sentries to give demos and sollys the time they need to take it down

Solly- The Black Box can keep you alive in those touch situations At the cost of a rocket, you get healed whenever you hit an enemy. The Gunboats are great if you like getting to high places and taking low dmg. A soldier can Rocketjump by jumping, crouching, and firing at his feet. The Equaliser is a great weapon for getting around quick. You can shoot yourself a couple times, then whip out this melee weapon. You will move very fast and have increased melee damage.

Pyro- The flare gun is a weapon that allows you to ignite enemies from a distance. With careful aim, it can be very deadly. It also deals crits on players who are already burning.

Demoman- The charge n targe is a shield that replaces the stickybomb launcher and allows you, upon right clicking, to shoot forward faster than a speeding scout. In addition, at the end of the charge any melee attacks will deal crits.

Heavy- The sandvich is a portable health pack that will heal you to full health upon eating it. It also can be dropped with alt fire, and teammates can pick it up.

Engineer- The frontier justice is a shotgun. When your sentry is destroyed, for each kill it had you will get two guaranteed critical hits, 1 for every assist. The gunslinger is a wrench that gives you a bonus 25 health. It also lets you build Mini Sentries, a quicker, cheaper, but less powerful version of the normal sentry that cannot be upgraded.

Sniper- The Jarate is a favourite among many snipers. Upon drenching an enemy with a suspiciously yellow liquid, that player will take minicrits for several seconds. In addition, it will make spies visible even while cloaked and can extinguish friendly allies. The Tribalman’s Shiv is a melee weapon that will make enemies you hit bleed for 5 seconds. If you hit a spy, even if they cloak the blood would still be visible.

Medic- The Crusader’s crossbow and bludsauger are the favourite primaries by many. The crusader’s crossbow is a weapon that only carries 1 shot, but has very good accuracy and does more damage the farther away the target is. In the hand of a professional, DEADLY. In addition, if you have an amputator, a special bonesaw with a healing taunt, you will get a bonus heal speed. The bludsauger is a vampire medigun. At the cost of self-heal (-2HPS) you will get back +3 health every time you hit an enemy, which will heal you a lot faster when you need it.

Spy- The Ambassador is a difficult weapon to use, though very useful. At the cost of some damage, a spy with good aim can headshot enemies, making the spy the only class other than the sniper that can do crits. This is good for taking out pyros and other classes that will probably kill you if you try to backstab them. The cloak and dagger is a watch that lets you stay cloaked forever, but you cannot pickup metal for cloak and you lose cloak fast when you move. The dead ringer lets you feign death and disappear for a few seconds, but has a loud uncloak.

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