GetAmped2 Gear Knight Guide

GetAmped2 Gear Knight Guide by MadnessR

Gear knight
Cost: 399C
In game description:Image

My summary on this style: Bulky, but powerful hitter that uses knock backs and knocking enemy into air to its advantage.

No matter how you count them, there are always 24 stats point, unless you use raid frame which gives 15 stats point instead of 14 of the other two body frame, or that you put stat modifiers on.
STR maximum is 8
TEC maximum is 8
SPD can be maxed
JMP maximum is 5
DEF can be maxed

Starting body parts:

Knight Gear(Offense, +1TEC, +1SPD)
Dual Unit(+2STR, +1TEC, +2SPD, +2JMP, +1DEF)
Power Frame(+5STR, +1TEC, +2SPD, +3JMP, +3DEF)
Total: 8STR, 3TEC, 4SPD, 5JMP, 4DEF

Knight Gear(Defensive, +1STR, +1DEF)
DEFAULT BODY PARTS: Commando head(-1TEC, +1SPD, -1JMP)
Scope Unit(+2STR, +1TEC[Contradicting, no?] +1SPD, +2JMP, +2DEF)
Heavy Frame(+2STR, +2TEC, +2SPD, +3JMP, +5DEF)
Total : 5STR, 2TEC, 4SPD, 4JMP, 8DEF.

Attack moves:(All attack moves are recorded using default Offense Knight gear on the ROU-4 in practice, no stats modifiers, no combos(I did not do a XX or CCC after the enemy get smashed up), and none used on goggled bot.)
Legend: Knock out 1: the same knock out as the bats, bazookas etc. Knock out 3: Electronic bats, laser cannons etc.
Ground, not running:
Gear Swing(45)->Gear Swing(45)->Gear Smash(80)
Two swing hits then follow with a upper cut that hits twice.

Gear Swing(45)->Gear Swng(45)->Gear Smash(114)
Two swing hits then a charge upper cut that hits three times.

Gear Hook(52)->Gear Straight(107)
A punc aiming for the stomch(Two hits) then a straight punc(Also two hits) which pushes slightly.(2 to 3 body standing space)
Side note: Second punch do(93) more damage if the first one hits(OR in another word, the enemy is goggle)

ZXC Special
Delta Drive(174)
Gear knight pushes forward with its shoulder then flips around and do a straight punches in front, Knock back 3

ZXC Super
Omega Drive(270)
Shoulder smash, stomach punch, then a straight punch, Knock back 3.

Gear boot(77)->Gear Boot(110)
Fly forward and uses his shoulder to smash target, can be used again to knock down the target.

Gear Boot(101)
Shoulder Charge(Two hit) Knock Back 1.

Gear Boot(77)->Gear Boot(104)
Shoulder charge into goggle, then a two hit knock back 1.

Press Kick(58)
Basic kick, makes target goggles, and knock down if target is already goggled.

V+XC Special
Mega Pressure(173)
Gear knight flies toward the ground at an angle(Under 45 degree), then flips around and do a straight punch, Knock back 3.
Will not punch if the first hit did not connects.

V+XC Super
Giga Pressure(270)
Flies toward the ground at an angle, flips around, stomach punc, then a straight, Knock back 3.
Ground, Running.
Gear Grap(64)->Gear Grap(73)
A right hand swing, flips around and then an upper punch(two hit).

Gear Grap(64)->Gear Grap(76)
A right hand swing, flips around and then charges for an upper punch(Three hit).

Atomic Shoulder(76)
Should smash(Two hits), small knock back, goggles.

Gear Grap(64)-> Atomic Shoulder(99)
Right hand swing, flips around, then shoulder charge(Two hit).

Tips for buying parts:
Its not hard to max either attack. speed or defence, but you will have to pay for the right parts.
Raid frame actually gives you 15 stat points comparing to the other two frame, which gives you 14.
Commando head actually cost 2 points for SPD, comparing to the other head, which cost only one point for one.
Each part actually have two seperate item for the two seperate(But same) style.

Onto tips and stuff
Your jump heavy attack have a large hit box and hit fast, the second hit can be used to move away from your target instead of hitting him again.
Most of your attacks need to hit the center mark, or else the second/third strike would miss.

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