Dungeon Defenders Maxing Stats Guide

Dungeon Defenders Maxing Stats Guide by jaaj711

Hidden Stats Revealed

Yesterday I set out to learn more in depth details on set bonuses and maxing the stat potential of your gear. I’ve noticed a LOT of high end players with fully upgraded armor that didn’t have their stats distributed correctly so I’ve come to the assumption that not a lot of people know these things and I figured I’d share the wisdom.

First of all, sets-
Most of us know what sets are but not all. Sets provide bonuses so always wear a set if you can. When you see a blue glowing ring around someones armor it is because it’s a set. A set consists of like pieces of armor such as a leather set (helm,gloves,boots,chest), mail, plate or pristine. The modifiers like godly, epic, enchanted, and blessed do not play a role in set bonuses (that I’ve noticed and I’ve even gone so far as equipping an entire set of legendary enchanted plate armor and it was no different than a mix matched set of plate)

Now, Maxing Stats- “The Basics”
-The set bonuses are dependent on individual stats and become larger the more you have invested in a certain stat (THIS IS NOT % BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

-a stat with negatives gets no bonuses. Common sense tells you that when maxing stats…stay away from the negatives anyway. Unless, of course, you don’t care about that stat.

– You get a +1 bonus to your stat for a set as long as that stat is +1-4. (For example: You have a tower health stat of +4 on your armor. When put into a set that +4 stat is now +5.)

-Starting at lvl 5 you start seeing this get +1 more every 4 levels. A stat at lvl 5 when applied to a set gives you +2. (For example: You have a char atk stat at 5. When applied to a set it is now +7) A stat at 5,6,7,8 gives you +2.

-At lvl 9 you now get +3. This trend continues as far as I can tell. (I have a piece of armor with 25 in tower atk and when applied to a set it gets +7!)

Maxing Stats- “Knowing the Potential”
If you have a stat at +4 why not drop 1 upgrade into it making it 5? You should.

-The bonus for +4 is only +1. When you drop ONE upgrade level into it you effectively get +TWO stats for the price of one. (Example:My Char Speed is at +4. When applied to a set this stat will be +5. If I spend ONE upgrade level on it my char speed will obviously be +5 BUT, when applied to a set, my char speed would now be +7 and I just got +two stat points for the price of one.)

This way of leveling your stats makes it hard to see what gear is actually good because upgrade levels do not dictate everything.

Sometimes when you get lucky you can find pieces of armor that just scream TWO for the PRICE OF ONE. If you get a piece with +8 to 8 different stats and have 8 upgrade levels you can get +16 by dropping one lvl into everystat (Holy ****** of 8 level upgrades batman!)

Breakin it Down Now
-A very simplistic example:

A Piece of armor with +9 to tower health, +5 to tower range, +10 to tower atk, +8 tower speed and 5 upgrades available. Right now you have a total of +32 to your tower stats or a +42 to your tower stats with a set bonus applied. Maxing it’s potential you want to hit as many “set bonus tiers” right on the dot as possible. Adding 1 point to tower range, you are immediately getting 2 stats for the price of one (set bonus jumped from +2 to +3). If you distribute the other points you can hit one more “set bonus tier” giving you 2 stats for the price of one again. Because you got 2 EXTRA stats from hitting those bonus tiers instead of your armor going from an overall +42 (+5 upgrades) to a +47 it went to a +49. You may have only spent 5 points but you got 7 out of the deal. If you had chosen poorly and say, put all 5 into tower range instead, then you would have only hit one “set bonus tier” and you would have had an overall stat of +48 NOT +49.

Where this might not seem like a big deal, when you start looking at larger numbers and the fact that you have 4 pieces of armor, these numbers add up quickly. Netting yourself an extra 2 points per piece of armor winds up giving you +8 stats that you never had to pay for and may have missed out on if you hadn’t paid attention. The real key to maxing the potential of your gear is finding pieces that feed off of each other. You may argue “screw other stats, I just care about max Char Atk (or any other specific stat)” but if you find pieces that fit each other well and distribute the points with bonuses in mind then you can still get your char atk to the same lvl BUT have an extra +8 stats somewhere else just because you payed attention when upgrading.

Side Note (Resistance)-
Bonuses also apply to resistances in the same way just fyi. (This wasn’t really about resistances so I didn’t go into it) Resistance caps at +24 pre-set and +30 post set. Some resistances just don’t add up correctly and will land you on +23/+29 instead so pay attention if that’s what you’re upgrading. I think the 24/30’s mostly start at 15,17, and 19. Dont take my word for it though.

I hope this helps guys! Let me know if you have anything to add or change or whatever.

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