D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Beginner Tips and Tricks

D&D; Heroes of Neverwinter Beginner Tips and Tricks by Anitora

Just wanted to share some of the knowledge that isn’t completely obvious or pointed out about the game. Heck, I’ve been playing weeks and am still learning a thing or two every day.

  1. When you hover your mouse over the main adventuring areas it will list all of the adventures in that zone. Next to that are three stars showing you which adventures you have completed and on what difficulty.
  2. If you use your friend’s characters in an adventure and make sure they all have full health before you finish that adventure then you can reuse them with no timer.
  3. You can send two gifts to each friend you have per day. One using the send gift button and the other by clicking on their Chest of Wonders inside their home.
  4. You level up much faster by grabbing three level 10 characters from your friends and running adventures of your level on heroic rather than running those same adventures with characters your level on normal.
  5. Some of the best items your character can have are low level items that are easiest to buy from the store at lower levels and save till higher levels. If you miss your chance to buy them it will be much more difficult at level 10 to find them in dungeons.
  6. Your daily chest of wonders gets better each consecutive day you use it. On the 5th day it reaches its highest level and then goes back to level 1 the next day. You can earn up to 10 astral diamonds from a level 5 chest. Use your potions of luck on these chests.
  7. You earn money when people play the adventures you design in the adventure workshop.
  8. You also earn money when people use your characters in adventures. The higher level & more characters you have the more money you earn.
  9. The best thing to spend Astral Diamonds on are unlimited energy and character slots. Buying equipment/consumables is a huge waste.
  10. Use your motto to place stats about your character, this will help him get hired. Things like +25 healing as a motto for a cleric or +70 max damage for a rogue ensures I hire him every time.
  11. Using a crossbow on an enemy directly adjacent to you (like the AI loves to do with rogues) gives you a -4 penalty to hit.

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