Tank Ace Tips

Tank Ace Tips

Tips from TankAceGM_Cnine

1. Finish the tutorial when you start. you will earn 10,000 Ace right away.

2. Open the Booty Boxes and exchange Ace coins for Ace.

3. If ever stuck in-game, just type “/stuck”

4. Do not worry about commander skills and stats at the moment. a new system will be here soon to make everything more clear. (If you want to use them, just spread them out instead of putting all your points in one stat) We will try to add a feature to refund your stats.

5. Use HEAT shells in long range. AP shells in close range. Smokes for stationary targets.

6. Just stay still after ramming/being rammed to not get tangled.
If you just stay still the tanks will automatically push each other back slowly.

Tips from TheBlackBaron

1. Dont ram a enemy tank when your outnumbered, it makes you easier to hit.

A, Ram enemy tanks when you have allies nearby!

2. You can snipe bases down as well from far away.

3. Occupation matches give more EXP than standard annihilation.

4. The hetzer with no gun is actually a bergepanzer, it heals other tanks.

5. The berge can heal through walls and has a good distance.

6 Dont worry about buying armor for your tank until later on, saves a lot of money!

7 Skip tanks, I was in the lv 1 tank until 40!

8 Read the stats to make sure a tank is really better than what you have, just because its a
higher level doesnt mean its better.

9 Keep on getting the “Set your specialty” the exp builds up and it gives you ammo!

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