Dungeon Fighter Online Reshpon Guide

Dungeon Fighter Online Reshpon Guide by Maribo

Now that me and Haven have completely mastered this dungeon its time to make a guide.

Reshpon is largly dark based but it helps to bring fire based weapons and or throw-able fire tiems, the fire bombs from pursuit work wonders

Room 1
Room is filled with melting soldiers, they do a ton of damage in single hits so pay close attention ot there movements.
When a melting soldier goes down it goes into a waiting period in which it will revive shortly after, to kill them completely you have to use fire based weapons or fire bombs to burn there bodies, unfortunately it takes to long ot burn them, to make it easier attack the puddle until the bar is empty then throw a fire bomb, it will remove the enemy completely.

Room 2
A single enemy who will create more enemies and so on and so on.
Just attack the enemies until all are dead.

Room 3
The room is jsut like room one except the enemy is smaller and more agile, they have a habit of jumping onto you and biting all at once, stay on the move, AoE characters can kill these guys fast but you still have to burn them to get rid of them completely

Room 4
The mad piper finally got whats coming to him…
Unfortunately Now you have to deal with Scarver. To get out of this room in one peace kill off the minor mobs fast. Each time Scarver eats one of the minor enemies he gets a huge buff to his stats. When he hits you he will inflict curse.
Dont turn your bak ot Scarver or he’ll hone in on you and take a huge chunk out of your health, the more enemies he eats the stronger he gets, also try not to use buffs or anything, he punishes you for it.

Room 5
Single enemy who acts like champion knight from relic with a twist.
When yellow attack with melee attacks. When Red attack with ranged attacks. if you hit him with the wrong attacks you get a nasty poison, bleed, stone, or immobilize inflicted on you, also, the guy will often times teleport behind you for a quick hit. When he changes colors he admits a shockwave that does a random status ailment as well as pulls you close to him, so you really cant stand still. He often times drops a black puddle on the ground touching it takes half your health away so pay attention to where they are.

Room 6
Delezie may be powerful but he has one fatal flaw.
All you need to do is hit him with any random element.
He will switch to that element. When this happens a blue bar appears over his head and slo*** fills up during this time Delezie will take damage from anything except the element he converted to. just repeat this till dead.

Things to watch out for however is:
Careful not to attack Delezie when he hasnt converted to a element. if you do his defense ramps up till the bar fills up.
The little creatures crawling around are what turn you to zombies. If you go near or attack them when the blue symbol appears under them your zombie counter will go up, when it hits 5-6 you become a zombie and your party members will be able ot hurt and kill you. Delezie cant harm you in this state, but your hp will slo*** drain away. During this time Delezie will regan hp faster so if your soloing your out of luck.

When it says “The wind is blowing to the west”, run to the right. East run to the left, You do this because tha ttornado Delezie turns into can only go in the direction of the wind.

Thats pretty much it. also apparently Asuras own this dungeon…

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