Allods Online Healer Raid Guide

Allods Online Healer Raid Guide by emshumi

This guide is mainly for those healers who’ve reached 40 and want to get a spot in astral or heroics. There’s been numerous posts in the forums regarding the heal spec, and while some of those have been beneficial, some are just, in a word, bad. I’m by no means the best healer, nor do I claim that, but I hope to clear some of the misconceptions.

Getting to 40
Don’t bother doing it heal spec. Just don’t. Go melee, your sanity will thank you.

Intelligence – Affects heal amounts. The higher you can get this, the better.

Perception – Affects the resist of damaging skills. Useless. Heals are not affected by perception. Heals are not affected by perception. Heals are not affected by perception.

Faith – Affects how much your heals go through wound complexity. The higher the better, I personally aim for under 5%. Heals are not affected by perception.

Luck – Affects critical/glance rate. How much you put into this depends on yourself. Personally, I run 161 luck with a 45 luck pot, which gives me about a 29% chance of glancing.

Wisdom – Affects mana pool. Again, depends on personal opinion. I personally don’t care much about this stat, as in heroics/astral you should always be running with a psionist.

In summary, prioritize intelligence and faith above all else. Heals are not affected by perception.

Skills and Rubies
My build:

Spiritual Focus/Imperturbability – Increases next holy effect spell by 50%.

Devoted Plea – Your small, spammable heal.

Holy Shield – Your oshitmobsonme skill #1.

Perpetual Healing – Your HoT and my favorite heal. I can pretty much cast this on the tank, alt tab for 13s, and come back and recast it.

Divine Prayer – Your oshitbigheal #1.

Purification – Rank 3 is mandatory for instant cast.

Holy Rejuvenation – Your oshitbigheal #2. Should always be pre-casted.

My main rotation is just throw a HoT on and wait, devoting when tank hp drops below 75%.

Power of the Pure – 9% increase to all your heals, get it.

Circle of Healing – AoE heal, useful in raid situations.

Entreaty – Your aggro wiper and self heal. Has saved my [I Have a Potty Mouth] numerous times when I’ve gotten healer aggro, especially when doing heroic TT. Oshitmobsonme skill #2

Unshakable Faith – More faith is always good. Heals are not affected by perception.

Unbending Will – Saving fanatacism from devoted plea is always a good thing.

Brilliant Faith – Heals when fanatacism procs, just works as some small heals.

Divine Foresight – Trademark healer skill, in essence gives whoever that has the buff a “second life”, giving you time to get them up again in you weren’t paying attention.

True Faith – Cooldown/cast time reduction, left it at rank 2 because Holy Rejuvenation is instant cast at 10 fanatacism stacks.

Surge of Faith – Makes perpetual healing better than it already is.

Holy Spirit – Increases wisdom by 15% of perception, allows you to ignore wisdom gear with enough perception/faith gear on.

Enlightenment – Intelligence is always a good thing.

Why didn’t you get ______?
Skill wise, you’re a heal spec healer, they’ other skills aren’t useful. Heavenly Smite is useful on occasion, but I preferred not to spend the point on it.

Seal of Light – 50% chance to heal target for x amount of heal over 10s, procs off Divine Prayer and Holy Rejuvenation. Keywords are bolded. Using my tooltip information, SoL heals for 21806 over 10s; my perpetual ticks for 10k every 2s. Divine Prayer and Holy Rejuvenation are your oshitheals, you shouldn’t be spamming them enough to get constant procs off this skill.

Ascension – This skill has started numerous debates in my guild. I personally dislike this skill. It requires 5 “wasted” rubies to get rank 3, and this skill is only viable at rank 3 due to its cooldown. A 20s aggro reduction isn’t useful unless you’re planning on spamming all your giant heals which really, you shouldn’t be doing. Entreaty or holy shield works better to wipe off aggro.

So this is all I really have to say, hopefully whoever reads this will learn something, or at least have a misconception cleared. Feel free to leave questions or anything you’d like me to clarify, if you want to flame go do it somewhere else.

Heals are not affected by perception. Heals are not affected by perception. Heals are not affected by perception.

Say it with me. Heals. Are. Not. Affected. By. Perception.

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