Rohan Online Farm Crones Guide

Rohan Online Farm Crones Guide by Vulture

As for right now, the best way to grind crones is this.. Make sure you follow these steps (And yes, i share it because it’ll all go to wipe when we get to play in Open Beta):

1). Go to any Melee Weapon Merchant, Make sure you have around 30m Crones; (30.000.000), If you don’t.. Then make sure you can spend at least 15m Crones.

2). Buy ANY weapon that can be Forged to make lvl 90 Rare Weapon, It can be any weapon: (Example: Lvl 90 Zhen, Lvl 90 Axe, Lvl 90 Katar); Just make sure, the weapon you’re forging for is level 90.

3). Combine these weapons, you need 2, Lvl 8x and 8x to make lvl 90, After successful combination, repeat the last two steps until you’ve made around 15-20 “Last Rare” weapon. (Last rare you can get through NPC items). NOTE: The items are not rquired to have any options, so don’t bother spending your options on these.

4). It’s time to go.. FISHING! (Yes, Fishing).. Port yourself to the Fishing Hole by talking to the Fishing Hole/Crafting Studio NPC, found in any Race Town. NOTE: You won’t find it in Ehres Harbor “GH”. Once you’re in make sure you buy the best rod you can have; The one that’s worth 500k from the Fishing Gear Merchant.

5). Find any spot to land your fish, Click on the Rod, And in the space that says “Bait” Put one of the already forged lvl 90 weapons, The main idea here is to get lvl 44 Minnows (By not Landing in the green space); And have enough luck to land it on Armors when you get the fish, if you’re lucky enough (Very possible), You’ll get RandomBEDRON Parts, Could be Helmet, Gaunts, Boots, Armor or Tasset.

Any of these could be sold on 200m+ (Depending on the part and its stats), After you’re done with your fishing (Ran out of uniques), Sell your Bedron parts and there you go, easy money. ^^

Note on this as well: If you get any other equips, such as swords, or any other weapon, use it as bait as well, you might end up getting a good stat weapon (Or good as in the forging rate is too low to have good equips due to failure); Use it, Sell it, totally up to you. ^^, Also.. Another thing that you should take in mind is the fact that while you’re fishing, the hauled fish could end up being a potion.. Don’t get mad about this, just grab another weapon and keep up fishing.

Allright, that’s how you make tons of money (With a little work & time), You make almost 1 bil (If you’re lucky enough) From 30m, Pretty good profit right?..

NOTE: This only applies for Closed Beta, as for i’m not sure it will work in OB.. That already stated, please refrain from telling me it won’t work on OB. It’s a guide of how to make money RIGHT NOW. Thanks.

Have fun, i hope this helped.

Guide in making good and efficient crones by yumiyami99

Tips on making crones.
1. You’ll be needing lots of time and effort.
2. Buy and keep only what you need.
3. Sell to npc trashable items.
4. Keep good items like: +18~30pdef parts
5. Keep forging stones: crit increase, damage drop and tear drops of edoneh(+hp/mana per attack.)
6. Kill mobs that you can kill.(mobs with blue name)
7. Do the SES quest.
8. Prepare 24 slotted bags.(4pcs, better than the 30slots bag, cause it’s really cheap.)
9. Sometimes after farming, use trashable loots as bait for fishing.
10. Avoid pk at any cost.
11. Always prepare an elixir whenever you want to farm.
12. Learn to craft your own accessories by being a jeweler or weapon crafter.(less parts needed.)
13. When crafting always use the lowest type of item to craft with.
14. Use two accounts whenever possible to vend good items or use the main account for vending and secondary account for farming.
15. never leave a port without buffing first, by asking others for some buffs.
16. use items that also have appropriate requirements that your character has.
example: req: 50str and your character is a str type character then you can use this equipment/weapon.
17.find an empty spot where you can level up by yourself and this also means you can farm also at the same time.
18. faster killing also means faster crones.

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