RamaCity Beginner’s Tutorial

RamaCity Beginner’s Tutorial by KayJee

Skipped the in game Tutorial by accident? No worries, we’ve got it all for you here! Step-by-step, everything you need to know to get your city started! With most instructions, you can tell what needs to be done by looking for the Arrow, but if you need a little more help, click on each image for a larger look. In the lower left, the Mayor of Mayors will let you know what needs to be done!

Welcome to RamaCity!

Build your first home!

Trailer Home 3000!

Place your home!

Build it!

Place a road to connect your home to the Lumber yard! All buildings must be connected to the Lumber yard!

Now that it’s connected, click on your new home to collect your Urbies and City Cents!

Well done! Your city has it’s first citizens!

Congratulations, you’ve gotten to Level 2! These are the items you’ve unlocked!

Time to build a Power Plant!

Place your Power Plant!
(Your Power Plant has a negative effect on your housing! More on + and – effects in the Guide! (Coming Soon!)

Connect your Power Plant to your Lumber yard!

Good work! Your city can now build energy!

Time to build your first Store!

Place and build your store!

Click on your store to start selling your products!

Select your product…

And click the green checkmark to sell!

Your Store is set up to sell, but let’s speed up the process. Click on your Store!

Click on the lightning bolt…

Lightning Strikes! And takes up to 20 minutes off the time required to sell!

Your product is ready to be collected! Click the green arrow!

Click on the coin above your building, or the building itself, to collect your City Cents!

Excellent! You’ve learned about selling your products!

Let’s build your first Factory! You’ve got one waiting for you in your inventory!

Place your Factory!
Factories also have a negative effect on your Housing! More on + and – effects in the Guide! (Coming Soon!)

Click on your Factory, and select the product you want to produce!

Click the green check to begin production!

Congratulations! You have finished the Tutorial, earned your statue, and now know the basics to building your city!

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