Granado Espada Attack Skill Targeting Guide

Granado Espada Attack Skill Targeting Guide by Pizza

Here’s a General Guide to how to target mob(s) (aka monsters) with your attack skills.

1) “Quick & Dirty”

SpaceBar -> Skill Key -> *Repeat till skill is casted
e.g. SpaceBar -> Skill Key -> SpaceBar -> Skill Key -> {Skill Casted. Stop}

2) “Full Control”

Hold SHIFT -> Click on “Safe Spot” -> Hit Skill Key -> Click on Target/Location

3) “Hybrid”

While in “Patrol Mode” (i.e. after u hit SpaceBar) -> Hit Skill Key Repeatedly
->> Scenario 1: Skill is casted (end of story)
->> Scenario 2: Skill is not casted -> Click on Target

Explaination on:
1) “Quick & Dirty”


Fastest & Simplest Method when you are in Patrol Mode or a Chaotic Situation
Target is “automatically” selected.


a) Not able to choose Target easily
b) Not useful for Single – Target skill (i.e. u would usually like to specify Target)
c) Skill may not be casted at all
i.e. “Illegal Targets” may be specified repeatedly.
e.g. When u are training in a map with mobs that dies within 2 hits (from all ur characters),
mobs die at a very quick rate.
Sometimes, b4 u successfully cast a Skill (some skills have delays),
the target is already killed by another of ur character.
In such situation, the target becomes an illegal target.

Commonly used when:

1) U want to cast a skill urgently (e.g. like when u are swarmed by mobs)
2) U are sure that the nearest target to the Skill casting character is ur intended target
3) There is only 1 target within range

2) “Full Control”
This method is better known as Manual skill targeting


U choose ur Target/Location


You other characters takes a Kit-Kat (i.e. a break)
while running to the “Safe Spot”.
Your other characters might “rest” longer if u are luring mobs to cast an AOE attack skill.
This can be dangerous if ur Scout stops healing.
*”Safe Spot” refers to the position which u move ur characters to while holding SHIFT.

Commonly used when:

a) U r casting an AOE attack skill
b) U want to specify an specific target

3) “Hybrid”


Better chance to cast skill than “Quick & Dirty”


a) More tiring to use.
U would have check if the skill is casted to decide whether u will need to manually select a target.
b) Cannot choose target if Skill target is auto-selected

Commonly used when:

U want better chances to cast ur skills when u are in Patrol Mode

More Notes on SKill Casting:
i) When U want to cancel a skill when u are prompted to select a Target
-> Hit SHIFT / ESC (I’m not too sure about ESC as i have not used it yet. >.<)

ii) Your characters starts to moves after u cast a Skill
-> It’s becoz ur character is out of the Skill’s Range
There are 2 Types of Range:
a) Too Close
b) Too Far

e.g. Earthquake (Wizard’s Skill)

The coloured area in the diagram are out-of-range.
The double-lined Circle represents the Area which the AOE skill is going to hit.
This depends on the skill u are using, some skills do not have a “Too Close” problem.
Typically, ur character moves to a valid range when the target is out of range.
The direction could be anywhere depending on where u are standing.
e.g. When u standing in the corner of the map while u cast Earthquake,
u might see ur character running away from the corner.

Thanks for Reading!

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