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MapleStory Adventures Warror and Magician Comparison by maple love

Many people are unsure which class to choose at the beginning of the game, since in most games, one class is usually stronger.
The Warrior uses up close attacks, also known as Melee attacks. The Warrior blocks more enemy attacks, but also gets hit more.
The Magician uses distanced attacks, also known as Missile attacks or Spells. The Magician does not get hit as much if you attack enemies from a distance, however if the Magician is close to an enemy, he or she will not block many enemy attacks.

Note: this comparison is based on characters lower than level 20 – later levelling and game updates may change some of the comparison information.


Warriors get long coats and shields at lower levels than magicians. In the case of shields it’s the difference of 65 levels.

Blocking & Defence

Because warriors are a melee class, their armour gives them a higher defence bonus, meaning they’re more likely to block attacks.

Multiple Attacks

Both warriors and magicians get attacks that attack multiple monsters at once.

Boredom Factor

Many people have claimed that a warrior is a more boring class – however except for graphic effects of the skills,both classes still spend a lot of time doing repetitive and similar attacks.

Both classes are balanced and so there is not any one class that is better or powerful than the other.If you like ranged spell classes choose the Magician, if you like close range attacks choose the Warrior.

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