DDTank Forge Guide

DDTank Forge Guide

Fortification System

This is a system that allows you level up your weapons, hats and clothes by fortifying them. The higher the fortifying level is, the greater the risk will be of fortification failure, but the improvement of the items will also be greater after you succeed. Fortification can be done only if you have the energy stone and material for the fortification. The materials for the fortification include Amulet and Divine Amulet. The Amulet 25% can add 25% chance of your current success rate, and the Amulet 15% can add 15% chance of your current success rate. The Divine Amulet can help you keep the level of your voucher articles when they fail in fortifying.

Every fortification level adds 10% damage to your weapon or 10% of shield of your clothes/hat, the percentage of basic damage and shield improved by different fortifying level is as follows:


You can sythensize your equipment such as weapons, hats, clothes, glasses, rings, bracelet. The attributes of the synthetic items will increase differently according to the items you used, that is Vermilion level 1-4 (improve Offense Attribute by 10-40 points), Tiger (improve Luck Attribute by 10-40 points), Dragon level 1-4(improve Agility Attribute by 10-40 points), Serpent (improve Defense Attribute by 10-40 points). The higher the level is, the more chance of success you will have in synthesizing.

Different levels of the synthetic stones will add different attributes to the weapons. The attributes added by the higher level synthetic stones will replace that added by the lower ones.

Attribute Transfer

Transfer additional attributes  to  weapons, hats, clothes, glasses, rings and bracelets to other items of the same type. Item transfer will cost 10000 golden coins. And only purple and orange items can be transferred. (Sub-weapons with any color cannot transfer at all).

Attribute transfer will cover all original additional attributes of the receiver (enhancing level and synthesizing level)  completely no matteer the additional attribute of the receiver is higher than that of the sender or not. Jewelry items can only transfer synthesizing attribute.

In other words, even if the additional attribute of the sender is lower than that of the receiver, the additional attribute of the sender will still replace receiver’s original attribute.

Quick Buy Function

The Armory offers a Quick Buy function, including Amulet 25%, Divine Amulets, and Level 4 Energy Stones. There’s no need to buy fortification items to use the armory.

As shown in the picture above, you can click to buy Amulet 25%, Divine Amulet, Level 4 Energy Stone and Bonus Upgrade Pack. After purchasing, all the things you bought will be placed into corresponding vacancy directly, which avoids  fussy operations. There are same quick buy buttons in the league armory.

Armory Shortcut

Open the Armory with the shortcut button in your backpack, you can enhance and synthesize equipment here. After joining a league, the league armory will also be available.

Click Armory shortcut button to enter the interface. You will not leave the current room after entering it , and you can also do some armory operations when you are waiting in the room.

Metallurgy System

This is a system that is used to smelt more than one item into another.

Four same kind of metallurgical stones in the same level can smelt into a higher level stone through the metallurgical formula, four different kinds of metallurgical stones can smelt into a same level energy stone. The higher the stones’ level are, the less chance of the success you will have.

Four of the same kind of ring/bracelet with the same level can be smelted into a higher level ring/bracelet when you add a corresponding formula. The success rate of smelting ring/bracelet is 100%. The basic attribute of the metallurgical ring/bracelet is 140% of the former.

Four of the same kind of Pearls of the same level can be smelt into a random pearl, with this random pearl you can get one other kind of pearl in the same level and same type.

Decoration System

The armory is a system to embed different jewelry on the weapon, clothes and hat, in order to enhancing Players’ fighting ability.

Embedding pearls requires the opening of the pearl openings in the item, once the item is enhanced to the proper level, there will be one more opening, that is Level 3, Level 6, Level 9 and Level 12.

Pearls should be embedded in the pearl openings with corresponding shape, for example, Offense Pearls can only be embedded in the pearl opening with triangular form. Click the pearl, drag and put it into corresponding opening, then embed it. And embedding pearl will cost some golden coins.

Once the pearl is embedded in the item, it cannot be taken out, but only be replaced by other pearl of the same shape. After replacing, the former pearl will disappear. And replacing pearls will cost same coins as embedding pearls.

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