Pirate Galaxy Pirate Mode Guide

Pirate Galaxy Pirate Mode Guide by Glassworlf

Pirate mode is the skull at the upper center of the screen. It is the pvp activator.
Anyone with a red name over their head has pirate mode on.
Not everyone with the mode on will attack you! Some people use it for EXP purposes. (extra 5% from mantis)
If killed by another player in the starting ship, you will drop nothing.

If killed in any ship past that, you will lose a fair amount of cryo. The amount dropped increases with the cost of the ship, if what I’ve read so far is correct.

I’ll confirm on this later if I can. (CONFIRMED)

Other folks supposedly can’t see whatever cryo you drop, thus it serves only as a way for you to get it back?
Or so they say… I’ll confirm this later too if I can. (CONFIRMED)

The point? There wasn’t a thread by this name. Now there is. I hope it was helpful. :mrorange:

Update!: Question: Do you lose your ship if you’re using one above the starting one?
UPDATE! – Answer: No

Do you lose Cryo? Answer: Yes.
How much?: If you’re using the beginning ship, the light transport, you lose absolutely nothing.
Anything past that, and you’ll be losing light figures. No real worries… least not till sol xD

^_^ Keep in mind, this page is still a work in progress! Though the end has been posted, other questions are still welcome, and will be answered.
This post was updated following several posts below it, which elaborated on many things, such that visitors to this page wouldn’t have to page-sift for their answers. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the answer-ee’s. You’ve saved us newbs a great deal of frustration ^_^

As Defacto keenly noted:
KEEP IN MIND. When YOU turn on PM, YOU assume the risks. That guy with the sol ship and the rare sol gun? Yeah. He can and will own you to high hell. “Red is dead” as they say. Just an FYI.
Don’t go shouting at someone for being a jerk if they’re within the laws of the game. That’s uncalled for.
And well… it’s your own fault. Pirate mode is supposed to be for pvp! 5% exp bonus? FWEH! :)

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